Innovator: Kaj Mickos, Mikael Abbhagen

Water-Saving Tap Nozzle

Easy to mount, uses up to 98% less water
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    • Use up to 98% less water
    • Two practical settings
    • Easy to mount

    Upgrade your bathroom tap with this Swedish water-saving nozzle that helps you use up to 98 percent less water and utilise every single drop. The aerator's patented technology atomizes the water into millions of droplets that quickly wet and rinse your hands just as conveniently and effectively as a regular nozzle.

    The aerator has two modes. Simply turn the nozzle to switch between the two. The fine high-speed mist saves up to 98 percent water and helps you utilise every single droplet in the fine mist released from the tap. The high-speed mist is perfect for such everyday bathroom routines, such as washing your hands, brushing your teeth or rinsing something.

    If you want the water to flow a little faster, turn the nozzle to the jet mode. This mode still saves up to 85 percent water but the thin water jets can be used for example if you want to fill a glass of water.

    This water-saving nozzle can be attached to regular taps where it is possible to unscrew the existing nozzle. This nozzle helps you utilise much more of the water that exits the tap and it hardly releases any excess water that tends to creates unnecessary pools, bounces off your hands or runs through your fingers. Besides saving water, this nozzle also helps you cut your energy costs as you no longer need to heat as much water.

    About the company
    This water-saving nozzle was created by the award-winning Swedish company Altered, which was founded in 2016 by professor Kaj Mickos, Johan Nihl?n and Mikael Abbhagen. Their combined expertise regarding innovation, design and functionality is the basis for Altered's attractive, practical and effective products.

    Altered wants to make it possible for everyone to stop wasting water without having to change their habits or sacrifice the functionality or experience they are used to. With Altered's water-saving nozzle, you can use the bathroom tap as usual while also living more sustainably.

    Altered has won several prizes. In 2018, Altered won the WWF Climate Saver Award and in 2019 it was awarded the E-prize in the category Energy Efficiency at E.On Awards, one of Sweden's largest energy awards. Altered has also received awards from the Swedish Energy Agency, Imagine H2O, Nordic Cleantech Open, Nordic Startup Awards, Norrsken Impact 100 and others.

    Their water-saving nozzle is also included in the National Museum's permanent design exhibition in Stockholm.

    The nozzle is easy to install. Simply unscrew your current nozzle and follow the clear pictures in the English manual. All necessary tools and adaptors are included.

    It is recommended that you have at least 3 bar in order to use the water-saving nozzle, but it has been tested on pressure systems down to 2 bar (30 psi). This means that the nozzle can be used on almost all taps in regular flats and homes that are connected to public water services. The nozzle is not compatible with low pressure water systems. It may be possible to use the nozzle on a water tank system, but that depends entirely on how the tap and water tank are installed and what the tap pressure is like.

    Top tip! If you have low pressure in your tap and want to increase the amount of water released when in spray mode, remove the small restrictor plug on top of the nozzle. See the manual for a more detailed description.

    Included in the pack:
    Altered water-saving nozzle: Nozzle Dual Flow Pro
    Tools: hex key and 20.8 mm, 18.1 mm, 15 mm adaptors.
    Manual: illustrated English manual
    Material: EcoBrass®, unleaded copper alloy made of recycled waste.

    The nozzle is not suitable for high taps such as spout kitchen taps.

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    Manual: Pictures and English text
    Material: EcoBrass®

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