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Heat shawl
Eva Lundkvist
Heat shawl
The heat shawl eases pain
The heat shawl can be wrapped around your body in many different ways
The heat shawl is made of 100% organic cotton
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Heat wrap

Warming pad with tie for your neck, back and stomach
€ 35.60
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Eva Lundkvist
  • Relieves aching muscles and joints
  • Tie in multiple ways
  • 100% organic material

Heating pad made in a clever design with a tie strap that can relieve aching joints and muscles. The warming wrap is made of 100% organic cotton and is filled with grape and cherry stones that retain heat.

You can tie the wrap around or across your shoulders to warm your neck or shoulder blades, around the hips to warm your back or stomach, or as a sling around a sore elbow.

Sprinkle some water on the heating pad and microwave it for around one and a half minutes at 750W or heat it in a normal oven for 10 minutes at 150 ° C. Tie the wrap around the sore area. The warmth causes the muscles and joints to relax.

You can also use the wrap to cool down. Put in the freezer for around an hour. Tie the wrap around your arms and legs to help swelling or around your head to relieve headaches.

The heating pad is   210 cm long and 18 cm wide. There is a 65 cm long filled section in the middle. Hand-wash at 40 ° C degrees and air dry. For stain removal, use olive soap or liquid laundry detergent.

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