USB Desktop Fan

A small and handy fan for your desk
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    • Small and handy
    • Stable stand
    • Perfect for your desk

    This small and handy desktop fan provides a nice breeze when the weather is hot. The USB-powered fan comes with a practical stand that keeps it stable and makes it the perfect desktop fan to place next to your computer.

    The fan is incredibly easy to use: connect the USB cable to the computer's USB port and press the ON/OFF button on the back of the fan unit. The fan blade will start rotating, sending a refreshing breeze your way.

    The integrated stand ensures that the fan does not wobble and you can also choose to tilt it either upwards or downwards so that their air is directed exactly where you want it.

    You can also connect the fan to a wall socket using a standard 5V USB adapter (not included), or to a powerbank if you want to use the fan outdoors.

    Dimensions: 15 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm USB cable: 90 cm (USB wall adapter not included)
  • Article nr: 13178
    Stock availability: 0
    Depth: 10 cm
    Height: 15 cm
    Length: Cable length 90 cm
    Width: 15 cm

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USB Desktop Fan USB Desktop Fan
A small and handy fan for your desk
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