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Hövding 3
Anna Haupt & Terese Alstin
Hövding 3
Hövding 3
Hövding 3
Hövding 3
Hövding 3
Hövding 3
Hövding 3
Hövding 3
Hövding 3
Hövding 3

Hövding 3

The world's safest bike helmet with an airbag
€ 340
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Anna Haupt & Terese Alstin
  • 8x safer than a regular bicycle helmet
  • Inflates itself in 0.1 seconds
  • Option to adjust the size yourself

Hövding 3 is the latest model of the safe bicycle helmet with a built-in airbag that protects the head 8x better than a regular helmet. Hövding 3 has many new smart features, and one of the new additions is that you can adjust the size so that it fits perfectly!

The helmet's built-in motion sensor detects your movement 200 times per second. In the event of an accident, Hövding perceives the deviating movement pattern and inflates the built-in airbag in 0.1 seconds. The airbag protects the entire head both during the accident itself and also stays maximally inflated for several seconds thereafter. This means that Hövding 3 continues to protect the head even after the initial collision.

Hövding 3 has a new, innovative size system (BOA system) which means that you adjust the size of the collar yourself. Using a wheel, you can either tighten or widen the collar so that your Hövding fits perfectly, regardless of whether you are cycling on a hot summer day or are wearing an insulating scarf under the collar in the autumn. The airbag is now sewn in a single piece, which makes the collar a little narrower and more flexible. The hard parts on Hövding have also been given a new design that makes it rest more ergonomically on the neck.

Hövding 3 has a redesigned On/Off button that makes it easier to remember to activate the helmet when you sit on the bike. The improved battery now provides about 15 hours of active cycling and Hövding 3 has also been given new, amplified sounds that make them easier to perceive even in noisy urban environments. For example, the low-battery audio signal warns that there is 1 hour of battery life left and then every 5 minutes thereafter.

New for the Hövding 3 is also that it is now possible to pair your helmet with your phone using Bluetooth. When you pair your Hövding with your phone, you get more functions in the Hövding App, faster service and can also update your Hövding when new software is released.

On the product registration page, you can, for example, take a photo of the receipt, write down the serial number, date of purchase and place of purchase so that you have all the information gathered in one place. In the community tab you see how you and the rest of the world are cycling and contributing to a greener society, and in the new SOS function you can enter the number for 5 people. If your Hövding triggers, the app will send your location to the default contacts.

The Hövding 3 must be used with the cover that comes with the package. The cover protects against moisture and dirt and can be washed. Check the order in which you put on the cover extra carefully so that it doesn't crack when you adjust the size. Remove the outer zipper when adjusting the size with the BOA wheel.


Age limit: 15 years
Fits head size: 52-59 cm in circumference
Fits neck measurements: up to a maximum of 45 cm
Do not use if the Hövding's internal temperature is below -10 °C degrees or exceeds 50 °C degrees. (Hövding indicates with a warning signal if the temperature is too low/high.)
Hövding App: for Android 8 or later & iOS 11 iPhone SE/6S or later.

Hövding is CE-marked and approved by SP (Swedish Technical Research Institute).

In the package:
Protective case (washable)
Quickstart guide
USB-C charging cable

Charge your Hövding with the USB-C cable that comes in the package. Hövding 3 is fully charged after about 2 hours in the wall socket (USB adapter purchased separately). You can not take the Hövding on a flight, either as hand luggage or checked luggage.

The algorithm in Hövding 3's motion sensor is based on over 3000 different accident simulations, carried out with real stunt people. The built-in "blackbox" registers the movement pattern in case the airbag is triggered and can be analyzed afterwards.

Once the Hövding 3 is inflated, the helmet is used. Contact your insurance company and ask what rules apply to Hövding 3.

Before using Hövding for the first time, read the operating instructions and make sure it is fully charged. Remember not to start your Hövding until you are seated on the bike. Always turn off your Hövding before getting off the bike.

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Hövding 3
The world's safest bike helmet with an airbag
€ 340