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Smart rucksacks, flexible bags and environmentally-smart bags

Browse our wide range of clever rucksacks, durable shopping bags, environmentally friendly bags and other practical bags. Perfect for carrying your things when you're shopping, picnicking or wandering round town.

Carry food or drink with a cool-rucksack that sits comfortably on your back and keeps your food cool. Our anti-theft rucksack is a great choice for travelling on public transport when you're in public places full of people. Try our waterproof light-up rucksack, our practical runners' rucksack and the bestselling key ring rucksack that is a perfect portable extra bag.

We have a range of shopping bags that you can reuse again and again, including a practical shopping bag for your bike that you can attach to the rack. And don't miss the environmentally friendly fruit and vegetable bags that replace plastic bags when you're out shopping.

Choose a practical bum-bag to carry your valuables in when you're out and about or want to exercise. We also have a clever mushroom foraging bag, a practical water bottle and a great mesh bag that you can put in water to keep drinks cool.

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Anti-theft rucksack, Bobby Soft
Soft rucksack that keeps your possessions safe
€ 81
Anti-theft shoulder pack
Easy to pack safely for a day in town
€ 47.40
A clever backpack that you can attach to your bike's cargo rack
€ 160
Mobile case with signal blocking
Stephanie Spindler Jonsson
Take a digital pause from your mobile
From € 29.90
Neoprene bottle bag
Smart bag, for your water bottle
€ 17.90
Pocket picnic blanket
Lightweight, durable and waterproof
€ 36.80
Signal blocking iPad case with lock
Stephanie Spindler Jonsson
Take a pause from surfing and shows!
€ 44.80
Small Shopping Bag 10 Litres
A shopping bag that attaches to your keyring
€ 7
Travel Daypack
A light, strong and flexible backpack
€ 29.50
Waterproof shoulder bag
Lightweight and flexible bag that keeps your possessions dry
€ 29.80
Watertight bag, Droplet
Mini bag for wet swimwear or to protect your valuables
€ 19.90
Zip-bags for tablets, 8-pack
Put your medicine doses in small bags
€ 6.90
Theft-safe backpack with encoded lock
Steel encoded lock and water-resistant backpack
€ 99
Anti-Theft Backpack, Bobby Hero
Keeps pickpockets at bay
From € 79
Mini theft-protected backpack
Light, adaptable and theft-proof
€ 62
€ 89
Anti-theft compact backpack
Keep the contents of your bag safe
€ 75
€ 95
Backpack for Runners
Practical backpack that sits sturdily on your back
€ 160
Gym bag in reflective fabric
Stay visible on your way home from the gym
€ 25
Shopping bag in reflective fabric
Reflective shopping bag that fits in your pocket
€ 25
Cooler Bag with Ice Packs
A practical cooler bag for food and drink
From € 19
Waterproof Backpack with Light
Kourosh Mohajeri & Tezha Mohajeri
Waterproof backpack with bright LED lights
€ 150
Theft-safe backpack and briefcase, Bobby Bizz
Safe-keeping for your valuables
€ 109
Shopping bag for cart
Roomy and durable to make big shops easy
€ 27
Cooler Backpack 21 litres
A comfortable backpack with an insulated cooler compartment
€ 49.80
Foldable shopping trolley
Assists you when you shop, easy to fold and store away
€ 99
Shopping Bag
Durable and spacious shopping bag in two sizes
From € 8.50
Shopping Bag Set
Mia Ekblad
A complete set of carrier bags and bags for fruit and vegetables
€ 8.90
€ 15.50
Fruit and vegetable bags
Mia Ekblad
Replaces plastic bags when you're food shopping
From € 2.90
Shopping bags in a smart casing
Reusable shopping bags in a pack of 5
€ 25
€ 33.50
Foldable tote bag
Hangs sturdily on your bicycle
From € 8.50
Handbag insert
Anna-Karin Westling
Organisation in all your handbags
€ 9.50
€ 16.50
Mini Extra-pocket
Anna-Karin Westling
An extra pocket with a zip that fastens onto a waistband
€ 4.90
€ 9.50
Waterproof Mini Bag 1 litre
Protects your phone and other personal items
€ 11
Foldable bottle bag
Protect bottles during transport and storage
€ 17
Packing Cubes, six pieces
Organized packing saves space in your suitcase
€ 17.50
Shoe Bag for Travel
Protect the clothes from dirty shoes
€ 16.50
Electric Pyjama Warmer
Practical clothes warmer for cold days
€ 36.80
Mushroom bag
Kerstin Gunnarsson
Foldable basket that fits in the pocket of your coat
€ 25.50
Transportation Bag for Bottles
Christina Nordin Cumtell
A durable travel bag with compartments for 6 bottles
€ 9.50
Netted bag
Rinses, scrubs and chills
€ 13.60
Backpack Cooler 30 litre
Keep your lunch and drinks cool
€ 32.90
Beverage holder
Hang your beverage around the neck
€ 4.90
Carrying bag for balls
Neat bag for many different types of balls
€ 19.90