Qrylla spice rack
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Spice rack

Perfect for cupboards & or drawers, out or the counter or mounted on the wall
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Sven-Olof Nordin
  • Easily check what spices you have on hand
  • Can stand its own or can be hung on the wall
  • Room for 8 spice jars

The Qrylla spice stand is a Swedish-made, innovative spice rack that keeps all your spices together and organises them perfectly. Multi use spice rack made in a clever design that stops your spices rolling around in the drawer.

You can put the spice rack on a shelf, in a long kitchen drawer or on the counter. You can also hang the spice rack on the wall and use it as a shelf to keep the spices out of the way.

The spice stand holds 8 standard size spice jars and the angle of the spice rack means that you can see what spices you have and which ones you need for the day. This spice rack keeps you from buying the same spices twice, as you can easily see which spices you have. Easily check which spices are running low and which are out of date.

You can buy several spice racks   to sort the spices according to use or organise the rack so your most used ones are at the front. For example, lift out the whole spice rack with spices for the barbecue and take them to the barbecue!

The spice rack is designed for 60 cm wide cabinets and drawers and is 47 cm wide, 8 cm deep and 12 cm high (when filled with the spices). On the back of the spice rack there are two keyhole brackets for wall mounting. Use 4 - 4 1/2 mm thick x 30 long wooden screws with ball-shaped screw head (screws not included).

The spice stand is available in several different colours and is made of shock resistant Polystyrene plastic.
Qrylla is trademark protected and the design is protected by EU design protection.
The spice rack is manufactured in Härnösand.

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