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Vacuum bags for clothing, pillows & duvets

Pack bulky textiles down flat and airtight
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  • Best in class!
  • Saves up to 80% storage space.
  • Protects against mould, moisture and dust

How brilliant are these vacuum bags? A vacuum bag makes it easy to store all manner of bedding and clothing while saving up to 80% on storage space. Fill the bag with clothes, quilts, pillows, etc. A vacuum cleaner easily sucks out the excess air to ensure you get flat, vacuum-packed bags. Plus, each vacuum bag can be used over and over again. The universal valve fits any vacuum cleaner.

These ingenious bags are available in three different sizes and protect your bedding and garments against mould, moisture, and dust. Perfect for storing winter clothing in the summer. Absolutely indispensable for when space is at a premium ? a practical solution for a summer cottage, boat, or camper. 

Available in three sizes:
60x80 cm: holds several down jackets and pillows.
130x90 cm: easily accommodates 2 large duvets and pillows.
205x110 cm: will protect your entire mattress.

NOTE! Please be very careful and ensure you have sealed your vacuum bag well. Even a small ”invisible” gap in the lock means that the bag will eventually fill with air again and the volume will increase to normal. One helpful tip is to check the seal even after you have sucked all the excess air out.

Best in class according to!
”Our favourite! Kept the vacuum seal without a problem throughout our tests. The bag is easy to close; a good valve and lid.?
? comments from in a comparison where they tested 8 vacuum bags and selected SmartSaker's vacuum bag as the winner. is an independent test and research company that specializes in laboratory testing and the evaluation of consumer products. The results of this test were published in April 2018.

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Vacuum bags for clothing, pillows & duvets
Pack bulky textiles down flat and airtight
From € 5.60