Innovator: Jörgen Plymouth

Stump Chimney

Burn away stumps with the stump chimney
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    • Effectively burns away tree stumps
    • Reusable
    • Swedish-made, patented design

    With a stump chimney, you can burn away old tree stumps in the garden that are too large and difficult to dig away. The stump chimney concentrates the heat from ordinary briquettes and makes the stump start to glow. After about 1 day, only ash remains and the stump is completely gone.

    Adjustable circumference
    The Swedish-made stump chimney has 10 metal sides that can be easily adapted to the diameter of the stump. A stump chimney works great for stumps of up to 40 cm in diameter, but can also be put together with another stump chimney to remove even larger stumps.

    Burning with briquettes
    The stump chimney is used with ordinary carbon briquettes. You should count on about 1-2 hours of work and monitoring, after which the embers will take care of themselves and after about 1 day the stump will be gone.

    You need
    Stump chimney, shovel, fire lighter, 1-2 bags of briquettes (sometimes even more bags for larger stumps) and if necessary it can be good to have a long drill, saw or ax available.

    How to use a stump chimney
    1. Dig a ditch about 10 cm deep around the stump where you can place the stump chimney. The stump will burn down as far as you dig the ditch.
    2. If necessary, chop off thick and protruding roots on the sides.
    3. For larger stumps, you can, if necessary, drill several diagonal holes into the stump with a long drill so that the stump can also burn from the inside out. Alternatively, you can saw several crosses in the stump with a chainsaw.
    4. Mount the stump chimney. Adjust the number of metal sides to the diameter of the stump and make sure that you also fit briquettes around the sides of the stump.
    5. Place the stump chimney around the stump so that it can stand firmly. Adjust the height of the metal sides where needed and seal with soil under the metal sides. It is important to seal gaps at the bottom as the holes in the metal sides are adapted for optimal air flow. If air also enters from below, the briquettes will burn to quickly.
    6. Pour briquettes into the stump chimney so that the briquettes settle around the stump.
    7. Light the briquettes and fold down the folding plates.

    Small, dry stumps
    If necessary, you can top up with more briquettes, otherwise let them burn until the stump and briquettes have completely burned up. It usually takes a few hours before the embers have turned the stump to ash.

    Large stump, up to 40 cm in diameter
    Fill with more briquettes after about 1-2 hours. Use a stick and gloves when opening up the folding plates as these can be very hot. Pour the briquettes so that they lie around the stump and over the existing briquette bed. Fold down the folding plates again and let the stump burn up. It can take up to 24 hours for the stump to completely burn away.

    Larger stump, over 40 cm in diameter
    If the stump chimney does not reach around the stump, you can connect two stump chimneys and burn away large stumps that are up to 60 cm in diameter. You can also saw a cross section and burn the stump in several rounds. For larger stumps, more than two bags of briquettes are needed and it takes about 1 day per part you burn.

    When the stump is gone, it is important to extinguish any remaining embers properly. Remove the stump chimney and pour on several large buckets of water so that you can be completely certain that the embers are extinguished. You can then pour on new soil and sow new grass seeds.

    Patented design, Swedish manufacturing
    The stump chimney is developed by Jörgen Plymouth. After felling some trees on his plot, Jörgen wanted to remove the stumps. Either he would have to use an expensive stump cutter, dig them away, or use chemicals that certainly soften the stumps, but still required him to dig and remove them by hand.

    The best option seemed to be to burn the stump. But after several wheelbarrows of firewood, briquettes and a scorched rhododendron bush, the stump still remained in the same place.

    However, Jörgen did not give up and decided instead to develop the Stump Chimney. With the help of the adjustable metal sides that hold the briquettes to the stump and the folding plates on the top that retain the heat, he finally managed to effectively burn away the entire stump. The Stump Chimney solved the problem and production could begin.

    Made in Sweden, reusable
    The stump chimney has a patented design and is manufactured in Sweden. If the instructions are followed, the stump chimney can be reused for at least 10 stumps.

    In the package
    5 pcs side A, with two air holes
    5 pcs side B, with one air hole
    30 staples
    10 folding plates
    10 hooks

    Important to know
    The stump needs to be at least a year old for it to burn down. If the tree has recently been cut down, the stump is often too moist to be burned away. The time it takes for the stump to burn down depends on the type of wood, weather, diameter, season and several other factors. Optimal conditions, however, are that it should be reasonably dry outside and that it is not too cold. Never light a fire when there is a prohibition on open burning.

    The stump chimney must be stored in a dry place, as the heat from the fire can cause the metal's rust protection treatment to disappear.

    Important information about open burning
    The stump chimney must not be used when there is a prohibition open burning. Be sure to remove things that may start to burn on the side and above the stump. Soak the ground thoroughly all around and always have a fire extinguisher, buckets of water and water hose ready. Extinguish with plenty of water, there may be embers left in the ground that you cannot see or feel with your hand.

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