Innovator: Nordic Pocket Saw

Branch cutter kit

Bring down the highest branch from the tree without using a ladder

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    • Saw off branches with an altitude of up to 8 m
    • Keep a safe distance
    • The chain saw has teeth on both sides

    With the Swedish-developed branch cutter kit named Nordic Pocket Saw Arborist, two people can saw off branches without having to climb up the tree or use ladders. The branch cutter kit has long straps and a sharp chain saw that allows you to saw off branches with an altitude of up to 8 m over the ground while standing at a safe distance from falling branches.

    The main components of the branch cutter kit are a super-sharp chain saw and 2pcs of 10 m long straps. Using the weight-bag and the long straps, throw the chain saw over the branch. When one of the straps comes down on the other side of the branch, attach the accompanying handles and start sawing.

    The sturdy handles give a solid grip and makes it easy to draw the chain saw back and forth. The sharp chain saw has teeth on both sides, so it does not matter how the saw aligns itself when you throw it over the branch.

    Here is how you do it

    Attach the long straps to the chain saw and place some rocks in the weight-bag, then close the weight-bag and attach it to the edge of one of the straps. Throw the bag over the branch and when it lands on the other side, replace the bag with one of the handles. Attach the other handle to the second strap and you are good to go.

    Complete user manual in English is included.

    Cut up fallen branches

    By removing the long straps from the chain saw, you can use the handles to cut fallen branches into smaller and more easily handled parts.


    When using the chain saw, technique and control is more important than strength and speed. Focus on achieving a steady tempo and the dual faced teeth will effectively saw through the branch.

    Neat storage bag

    The chain saw, the straps, and the other parts are delivered in a durable storage bag with a carbine hook.


    With regular maintenance, the chain saw will last for many years. Wipe the chain clean after use and apply regular chain saw oil if needed. If you need to sharpen the teeth you can use a 4mm round file. Store all the parts dry.

    The branch cutter kit includes

    Chainsaw with handles

    2 pcs straps with clasps, 10 meters

    Two handles with clasps

    Weight bag

    Storage bag with a carbine hook


    Weight: 1,2 kg

    Chain length: 83 cm

    Straps length: 10 m

    Model: Nordic Pocket Saw Arborist

    Developed in Sweden

  • Article nr: lima-364696
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    Weight: 1,2 kg

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