Wood splitter, Kindling Cracker

Clamping wood quickly and safely
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    • Risk-free firewood splitting
    • Robust cast iron construction
    • Sledgehammer sold separately

    The Kindling Cracker manual firewood splitter is made from high quality cast iron. The patented wood splitter offers a safe and efficient way to split firewood without using an axe, while also making it easier to place the cuts with greater precision.

    Safe wood splitting

    The Kindling Cracker is designed to minimise the risk of injury when splitting wood. Place the wood on the cracker and use a small sledgehammer or hammer to split the wood. The unique design ensures that the wood is split efficiently and without risk of accidents, while facilitating more precise cuts.

    The Kindling Cracker is suitable for splitting both dry and wet wood. However, it is important to remember that the logs should not be as long or longer than the wood splitter itself. Otherwise, they risk hitting the ground before they are fully split.

    Long-lasting quality

    The Kindling Cracker has a robust cast iron construction that ensures that the wood splitter is stable, making wood splitting extra safe and controlled. The material also ensures durability over time.

    Choose between Original and King

    Kindling Cracker comes in two sizes - Original and King. The Kindling Cracker KING has a larger diameter and weighs 4.7 kilograms more, allowing it to split larger and longer logs. The Kindling Cracker King is therefore better suited to those who regularly split wood for a stove, fireplace, fire pit or sauna.

    About the inventor

    The Kindling Cracker wood splitter was designed by Ayla Hutchinson from New Zealand. Ayla was only 13 years old when she came up with the idea for the wood splitter, an idea born after her mum accidentally injured her finger while splitting wood with an axe. The Kindling Cracker is now patented throughout Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand.


    Weight, Original: 4.8 kg
    Weight, King: 9.5 kg
    Width, Original: 22.5 cm
    Width, King: 27.5 cm
    Diameter, Original: 22.5 cm (safety ring, inside: 16.5 cm)
    Diameter, King: 27.5 cm (safety ring, inside: 22 cm)
    Height, Original: 31 cm
    Height, King: 43 cm

    Please note that the sledgehammer is not included, but is available as an accessory.
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    Diameter: King: 27.5 cm , Original: 22.5 cm , Safety ring, internal, King: 22 cm , Safety ring, internal, Original: 16.5 cm
    Height: King: 43 cm , Original: 31 cm
    Width: King: 27.5 cm , Original: 22.5 cm
    Weight: King: 9.5 cm kg , Original: 4.8 cm kg

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