Cable box with charging stand

Hides cables while you charge your devices
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    • Hides wires and chargers
    • Mobile phone stand on top
    • Conceals extension leads

    This smart cable box with charging stand is an upgrade to the popular cable organiser from BlueLounge. The cable box hides your cables, extension leads and chargers, and now also has slots on top where you can rest your phone and tablet while charging them.

    The cable box can hold a small extension lead with chargers and wires, and is easy to use. Just lift the lid, set up your whole extension lead with all the cables, and close the lid. You've now hidden all the ugly chargers and wires from your desk or wherever else you tend to charge your devices.

    You can store your devices In the charging stands on top of the cable organiser as they charge. The two large holders have charging holes so you can easily pull cables out of the top of the cable organiser. The third holder doesn't have a hole in the bottom, but if you want to charge three devices at the same time, you can pull a cable out through the short side of the cable organiser.

    On the flat part of the lid, you can place things like your power bank or wireless computer mouse while they charge. You can also use the flat part of the lid as a base for a wireless charging pad and charge your devices with Qi charging.

    The cable box is made of flame-retardant and heat-resistant plastic. The rubber feet on the underside ensure the cable organiser is stable and doesn't slip and slide across the floor.

    The cable box can hold a short extension lead of no more than 22.5 cm long. The charging stands on the top fit most tablets and mobile phones.

    Outer dimensions: L 23 cm, H 15.7 cm, D 11 cm
    Inner dimensions: L 22.5 cm, H 12 cm, D 10.3 cm

    Width between the stands with charging holes: 1.5 cm
    Width of holder without charging hole: 1 cm
    Flat surface on the lid: 11 cm x 11.5 cm

    Model: CableBox Mini™ Station
    Material: Heat-resistant, flame-retardant plastic
    Extension lead, cables and chargers are not included.

  • Article nr: 13439
    Stock availability: 0
    Depth: 11 cm
    Height: 15,7 cm
    Length: 23 cm
    Material: Heat-resistant, flame-retardant plastic
    Weight: 0,45 kg

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