Innovator: Richard Kalberg

Magnetic crutch holders Crutchgecko

Keep your crutches together and free up your hands
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    • Super strong magnets make the crutches stable
    • Wrist straps keep your hands free
    • Fits crutches from 16 mm - 25.4 mm in diameter

    Crutchgecko is a Swedish-designed magnetic crutch holder that makes life easier when you walk with crutches. The strong magnets make the crutches stable when placed together, and with the small hooks you can both pick things up off the floor and carry things with you on the crutches.

    The crutch holder fits crutches between 16 mm and 25.4 mm in diameter.

    Steady when assembled
    When you click the crutches together with the magnets, the crutches become much more stable. When the crutches are put together in a pair, you can more easily lean them against a table, chair or wall without them tipping over. You can also hold both crutches with one hand as you go up and down stairs, and you can more easily use the crutches as an aid when you have to sit down or stand up from a chair or a car seat.

    Super strong magnets
    The strong magnets that hold the crutches together can also be used to pick magnetic objects up off the floor. You can also use one crutch (or another magnetic object on a long strap) to pick up a dropped crutch from the ground.

    Use the magnetic hooks for many purposes
    The magnets are embedded in what look like small hooks. On the upper hook on the side of the crutch, you can hang a small bag. You can use the hook at the bottom of the crutch to turn and open door handles or pick up bags, clothes, shoes and other things that are on the floor.

    Hands-free with wrist straps
    By using the wrist straps included, you can release the crutches to answer the phone, open doors, or pay at the store without dropping the crutches. The wrist straps are attached with separate magnets and can be quickly removed from the crutches so that you can, for example, take off your jacket or put on a backpack.

    Separate the crutches
    Each pair of magnets can hold up to 3 kg. This means that the crutches are attached together with 6 kg of force, making it difficult to separate the crutches by accident. However, it's easy to separate the crutches when you need to. Simply turn the handles in different directions and the magnetic force is significantly reduced so that you can easily pull the crutches apart.

    How to use
    Grutch gecko fits crutches between 16 mm and 25.4 mm in diameter. Measure your crutches using the small measuring tape that you can cut out of the manual. Read off the diameter of your crutches and then use the number of rubber pads and the suggested adapter indicated on the measuring tape.

    Read the entire instruction manual carefully before starting the assembly. Use the back of the measuring tape to check that the lowest hooks are not mounted too close to the ground.

    The magnetic crutch holder Crutchgecko is designed in Sweden.

    The package includes magnets and all the parts you need to mount Crutchgecko. A hex key is included, you will need scissors and a hammer. The installation takes about 45-60 minutes. Instructions in Swedish and English included.

    Weight: 0.3 kg
    Colour: Turquoise

    In the package
    4 hooks
    4 clips
    8 size adapters
    2 wrist strap mounts
    2 quick-release wrist straps
    10 cylindrical nickel-plated N42 Neodymium magnets, 10 mm
    8 stainless steel installation screws (M3x30 mm)
    8 stainless steel nuts (M3)
    1 2.5 mm hex key
    8 rubber cushions
    1 wooden plug
    1 instruction book in Swedish and English
    1 measuring tape that can be cut out of the instruction manual

    Warning! Strong magnets and small parts. Keep away from children, pacemakers and other sensitive electronics.

  • Article nr: 13675
    Stock availability: 18
    Material: Plastic, rubber, neodymium magnets

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