Clip on spoon 3 pack

Feeding spoon for squeeze bags
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    • Fits many different clip bags
    • Easy to feed with one hand
    • Less spillage

    The Bambino Squeeze Spoon is a clever feeding spoon for squeeze bags that complements your other children's cutlery at home and on outings. The clever clamping spoons screw onto the clamping bag and with one hand you can easily squeeze the puree out of the clamping bag and feed the spoon to your child.

    The dressing spoon is a smart thing to take with you when you go on an outing or travel. When you press the clamping lid, the puree from the clamping bag is portioned out in the right amount directly onto the spoon. It's easy to feed your baby with one hand and the spoon reduces spills and messes when you're away from home.

    Fits many different clamps

    Child spoons can be used with the vast majority of disposable clutches you will find in the store. For example, clip-on spoons are suitable for clip-on bags from HIPP, Semper, Organix, Nestlé, Coop Änglamark, Alex & Phil Smoothie, Ella's Kitchen.

    Food grade material

    The Squeeze-eat-n-go clothing chains are produced by the Swedish company Bambino. They are made of BPA-free Polypropylene (PP) and meet the requirements of Standard EN 14372. 

    To be used only by an adult

    Clothing chains should only be used by an adult. Do not leave the child alone with the clamping spoon.

    Also check out the clever clip holder. Perfect for older children who want to eat on their own, the squeeze holder ensures that there's not too much puree at once.

    The dressing spoons are delivered in a 3-pack with spoons in nice colours.
    Length: 6 cm
    Width: 2,5
    Diameter: 1,7 cm
    Weight: about 5 grams each
    Material: BPA-free PP plastic.
    The spoons meet the requirements of Standard EN 14372.
  • Article nr: 13904
    Stock availability: 61
    Diameter: 1,7 cm
    Length: 6 cm
    Material: BPA-free PP plastic
    Quantity per pack: 3 clamping spoons
    Width: 2,5 cm
    Weight: 0,005 kg

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