Table wastepaper bin

Small waste bin with flip top

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Brushed steel
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    • Conveniently small waste bin for the table
    • Smart for a boat, camper, office, laundry room
    • Fingerprint-proof steel

    This small wastepaper flip top bin is handy to have close at hand and perfect for throwing away small messes. It holds about 1.5 litres and is great for throwing away cotton pads or cotton buds in the bathroom, in the kitchen for napkins, coffee pods and tea bags, as well as for dryer lint in the laundry room.

    The handy size makes it easy to place on kitchen counters, sinks or desks. You can even have it in your car, boat or caravan, as it’s perfect for throwing away ice cream wrappers and receipts when travelling.

    The well-balanced flip top opens easily and swings back into place. When you need to empty the bin, the lid simply twists off so you can easily pour out the rubbish or take out the bag inside.

    The exterior is made from fingerprint-proof steel, which leaves no fingerprints or oils. The inside is made of a softer plastic and is easy to wipe clean when needed.

    Volume: 1.5 litres
    Height: 18.8 cm
    Diameter: 12.7 cm
    Weight: 400 grams
    Outer material: Steel
    Inner material: Plastic
    Bags not included


  • Article nr: 13798
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: 12.7cm
    Height: 18.8cm
    Material: Steel, Plastic
    Volume: approx. 1.5L
    Weight: 0.4 kg

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