Innovator: Maria Loohufvud

Equality Game Komma Lika

Who does what at home?
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    • Equality on the fridge
    • 160 magnetic pieces
    • Who does what at home?

    Product with Swedish text: This product is only available with Swedish text.

    Komma Lika is an everyday game in which the fridge is the playing field. Every time someone washes the dishes, changes a light bulb, takes the car in for service or does something else for the common household, that person gets 1, 2 or 4 points. What's it like at home? Who does what? Does someone do everything, or do you share equally?

    The different points are magnets shaped in different sizes, and each participant has their own colour. When you do something that earns points, you put a magnet in your colour with the corresponding value on the fridge. Soon, a nice pattern is formed, and when the game period is over, hopefully there is a balance between the two colours. Everyday chores get done and everyone is a winner if you come out even!

    The Komma Lika game is played by 2 players. The pack contains 160 magnets in blue and brown colours and 10 figure cards.

    Komma Lika, the game about equality in everyday life, was developed by Maria Loohufvud.


    Number of players: 1-2
    Number of magnets: 160
    Number of figure cards: 10 pcs

  • Article nr: 13789
    Stock availability: 5
    Quantity per pack: 160 magnets, blue and brown. 10 figure cards. Rules and game tips

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