Innovator: Flowlife

Exercise tool Flowtank Dumbbell

Inflatable dumbbell that's easy to take with you on the go
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    • Can be filled with 11 kg/litres of water
    • Excellent for all dumbbell exercises
    • No two repetitions are the same

    The exercise tool Flowtank Dumbbell uses water as weight and is the inflatable dumbbell version of the slightly larger model Flowtank. Flowtank Dumbbell is excellent for all types of strength training for which dumbbells are used and is perfect when you want to exercise in a hotel room, park or at the beach.

    Flowtank Dumbbell is a perfect exercise tool for exercises that use one arm at a time. The constantly rushing water in the dumbbell means you activate more muscles than you do when exercising with a regular static dumbbell. No two reps are the same as you constantly need to balance the water, challenging your strength, balance and coordination.

    You choose how heavy you want the dumbbell to be by adjusting the amount of water you fill the dumbbell with. The dumbbell can be filled with up to 11 liters/kg of water. Use a measuring jug and you can easily choose how much water you pour in.

    Flowtank Dumbbell can be used for many different types of dumbbell exercises, such as one-arm rowing, one-arm swing, one-arm press, biceps curls, dumbbell press and much more. The dumbbell is easy to take with you on the go and can quickly be both inflated and emptied.

    Flowtank Dumbbell is developed by the Swedish company Flowlife. The dumbbell is made of durable PVC and can withstand being used for lifting. However, you should avoid sharp objects and be sure not to stand on the dumbbell.

    In the package
    Flowtank Dumbbell, air pump, green colouring

    Diameter: 20 cm
    Length: 40 cm
    Material: PVC
    Weight: about 1 kg
    Maximum weight: 11 litres/kg

  • Article nr: 13768
    Stock availability: 4
    Diameter: 20 cm
    Length: 40 cm
    Material: PVC
    Volume: Max weight: 11 litres/kg
    Weight: approx 1 kg

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