Firewood carrier

Resistant, practical and spacious carrier
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    • Extremely durable and foldable
    • Comfortable and strong handles
    • Holds about 40 liters

    This smart firewood carrier makes it easy to collect the wood from the woodshed. The collapsible wood carrier holds about 40 liters and can either be used as wood storage indoors or folded and stowed away after you have placed the wood in your wood basket.

    Carrying wood indoors isn't the easiest thing to do, as ordinary wood baskets are often small, heavy and difficult to handle and stack wood in. This firewood carrier has comfortable and strong handles and a laminated inside so that sticks and shavings from the wood don't get stuck.

    The firewood basket has reasonably high edges and can stand upright on its own, which makes it easier when loading firewood.

    The wood picker is made of UV-resistant and strong PP fabric that is extremely tear-resistant. It is easy to empty out chips and shavings and it can be dried out if necessary.

    Weight: about 250 grams
    Volume: about 40 liters
    Length: 58 cm
    Width: 29 cm
    Height: 24 cm
  • Article nr: 11009
    Stock availability: 13
    Height: 24 cm
    Length: 58 cm
    Material: UV-resistant weave (PP)
    Volume: 40 liters
    Width: 29 cm
    Weight: 0.25 kg

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