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GPS strap MiniFinder Nano

A practical personal alarm with fall-detection and live tracking
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    • Easy to use
    • Fall detector, live tracking and call function
    • User-friendly app with several useful features

    MiniFinder Nano is a Swedish GPS strap that includes a personal alarm, a call function, a fall detector and live tracking that can be used worldwide. With MiniFinder Nano around your wrist, you can feel safe knowing that your loved ones can see where you are and that you can always get in touch with them, wherever you are.

    MiniFinder Nano is usually worn around your wrist like a watch, but you can also remove the GPS from the strap and hang it around your neck as a pendant. MiniFinder Nano is user friendly as the GPS only has two buttons: an SOS button and an On/Off button.

    All the data is registered in the MiniFinder Go app, which you and your friends and family can easily download onto your smartphones. The app displays your latest GPS position and your followers can activate the live tracking feature to see exactly where you are. MiniFinder Nano also notifies your followers if you fall, and calls one of your two emergency numbers stored on the app.

    You can also send alarm to your followers manually by holding down the SOS button on the GPS strap. The GPS will then call one of the two emergency numbers you have stored on the app. If there is no response, MiniFinder Nano will automatically call the second number so that you can communicate via the built-in microphone and speaker.

    In order to use the GPS, you need to purchase a subscription from the manufacturer. The subscription enables you to use the GPS in the entire EU/ESS area and is set up when you register your MiniFinder Nano at The monthly cost depends on the length of the contract period and whether or not you would like the GPS to work beyond the EU/ESS area.

    The GPS uses an eSiM, a small chip, to analyse how you move, where you are and to measure your pulse and speed. It can also send and receive calls. You only need one subscription per GPS and you can add an unlimited number of people as followers.

    MiniFinder Nano has Wi-Fi support and uses assisted GPS. That means that even if there is not enough 3G/4G coverage, the GPS will use a nearby Wi-Fi in order to continue updating your location, even when you are indoors.

    Standby time is approximately 120 hours. The effective battery time depends on how much you use the various features. The live tracking features requires more power, so if you use it a lot you may need to charge your MiniFinder Nano daily.

    Once you have received your MiniFinder Nano, go to to register it and sign up for a subscription. Charge the device and download the MiniFinder Go app.

    Once you have registered your GPS and chosen a subscription, you can log on to the app with your smartphone. Turn on the GPS and place it outdoors if possible so that it can connect to the satellites more easily. Note! Each time you restart the device, it may take the GPS a few minutes to find your location.

    MiniFinder Sweden AB is a company that has developed user-friendly GPS products for young and old people alike since 2012.

    Included in the pack:
    GPS MiniFinder Nano
    USB cable and wall adapter
    Lanyard to hang it around your neck is not included.

    The MiniFinder Go app is in English
    Other app features:
    See your pulse, location history and create virtual fences.

    Weight: 23 grams
    Dimensions: 4 cm x 1.5 cm
    Battery: Lithium-ion 380 mAh
    Battery life: 120 h on standby
    Memory: 16 MB Flash memory
    2 LED lights: For GPS, GSM and power indicator
    Precision <10 meters outdoors

    Certifications: FCC, RoHS, Ce

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    Stock availability: 0
    Battery time: 120 hours on standby
    Diameter: 4 cm
    Height: 1,5 cm
    Weight: 0,02 kg

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