Garden Kneeler in neoprene

Pressure-relieving kneeling pad in soft neoprene
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    • Perfect for gardening
    • Pressure relief for the knees
    • Shapes to your knees

    The knee pad from English brand Burgon & Ball is a luxurious and comfortable kneeling pad that makes it more comfortable to kneel for longer periods of time. The knee pad contains a soft memory foam that relieves pressure and shapes itself to your knees. Perfect for gardening, DIY, carpentry and other activities as well as hobbies that require you to kneel a lot.

    The kneeling pad makes it more fun to work long hours in the garden. There's room for both knees on the 52 cm long knee cushion. The knee pad has a water-repellent surface that also keeps your trousers clean and tidy even when you're clearing weeds in the garden.

    The flexible handle makes the kneeling pad easy to carry. It weighs just under 300 grams and is also practical to take with you and use as a seat cushion on the go.

    The outer layer of neoprene has a coating of quick-drying and water-repellent nylon. The shock-absorbing EVA foam inside the cushion sits between two layers of memory foam that shapes to your knees.

    If the kneeling pad gets dirty, you can clean it under running lukewarm water.

    Material: Neoprene with nylon cover, memory foam, shock-absorbing EVA foam
    Dimensions: 52 cm x 31 cm x 6 cm
    Weight: about 300 grams
    Brand: Burgon & Ball
  • Article nr: 13806
    Stock availability: 0
    Height: 6 cm
    Length: 52 cm
    Material: Neoprene with nylon overlay, memory foam, shock-absorbing, EVA foam
    Width: 31 cm
    Weight: 0.3 kg

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