Innovator: Åsa Magnusson
Åsa Magnusson


Pocket-sized inflatable lifebuoy

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    • Easy to use - activated manually
    • Carbon cartridge inflates it quickly
    • Practical belt sheath

    This Swedish-designed lifebuoy is small and handy and can be used to protect yourself or to quickly help others in need. The lifebuoy is very easy to use and gives you an added sense of security during any activity on or near water.

    Simply pull the string to activate the carbon cartridge, which then quickly inflates the lifebuoy turning it into a long float. The lifebuoy works perfectly as an extended arm when reaching out from a boat or jetty to help someone in the water, or when helping an ice-skater who has fallen through the ice.

    The two ends of the float can be joined together, making it easier to throw or to put around yourself. The lifebuoy can be carried anywhere and you can even attach it to your belt using the practical sheath. The careful design ensures that you can still can trigger the buoy even when it is in the sheath. The sheath also contains a whistle that you can blow to signal that you are in danger.

    The lifebuoy is easy to reset after usage: simply release the air and insert a new carbon cartridge. To release the air, open the valve and roll up the tube. The carbon cartridge should be exchanged once a year even if the lifebuoy has not been used.

    The lifebuoy is made of strong and durable nylon and weighs a mere 500 grams. The inflated lifebuoy has a buoyancy of 60 Newton, which is plenty to keep an adult afloat.

    The lifebuoy was developed by the innovator Åsa Magnusson and the company Quicksave. Quicksave has developed several pieces of life-saving equipment. All the equipment is manufactured in Sweden and fulfil the strict Swedish and international requirements for lifesaving equipment.

    Technical data
    Tube material: Nylon
    Weight: 0.5 kg
    Buoyancy: 60 Newton – the same buoyancy as a sailing life jacket
    Single-use carbon cartridge: 16 g CO2, screw thread
    Service interval: Once a year

  • Article nr: 13101
    Stock availability: 21
    Material: Nylon
    Weight: 0,5 kg

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