Magnetic attachment for crutch & cane

Portable holder for a crutch or cane
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    • Magnetic attachment for cane or crutch
    • Strong counter magnet that can fit in your pocket
    • Gives you a free hand

    With a portable magnetic attachment, you can more easily put down a crutch or cane and have a free hand to pay at the cash register, open a door, answer the phone or hold the handrail on the bus.

    The smart accessory fits crutches and canes between 18-22 mm in diameter. The package contains 1 magnetic crutch attachment and 1 round portable counter magnet that you put in your pocket.

    Easy to use

    Clip the long magnetic attachment to the crutch and put the round counter magnet in your pocket. When you need a free hand, lean the crutch against the pocket with the magnet. The crutch is held up by the magnet and you now have one hand free.

    The magnetic attachment on the crutch can also be attached to other magnetic metal objects such as handles on park benches, doorposts, poles and many other metallic objects you find in everyday life.

    Long magnetic attachment for crutch and cane

    The long bracket fits crutches and canes between 18-22 mm in diameter. Clip the holder onto the crutch or cane at the corresponding height to your trouser or jacket pocket where you store the round counter magnet.

    Adaptor included

    The included black rubber adaptor is used to attach the magnetic mount to narrower crutches. On wider crutches you do not need to use the adaptor.

    Round counter magnet to put in your pocket

    The round disc has a built-in neodymium magnet that acts as a counter magnet to the magnetic attachment on the crutch. The round magnet can withstand a load of about 4 kg and can hold most models of canes and crutches. To make sure you don't drop the crutch, however, you can place the counter magnet in a lower pocket so that the bottom of the crutch always touches the ground.

    Crutch holder for rollator & wheelchair

    The round counter magnet has four mounting holes on the side and can be attached to the handle or frame of a walker or wheelchair using straps or screws (not included).


    Oblong magnetic mount

    Height: 4.4 cm
    Width: 3 cmDepth: 3 cm
    Material: TPE plastic, magnets, the adapter is made of rubber
    5 built-in magnets
    Weight: 40 grams

    Round counter magnet

    Diameter: 4.5 cm
    Height: 0.8 cm
    Neodymium magnet: approx. 3 cm in diameter
    Maximum load: approx. 4 kg
    Weight: 45 grams

    Strong magnetic field

    Avoid keeping the strong magnets near televisions, laptops, computer hard drives, payment cards, mechanical watches, hearing aids and speakers. The magnets are not strong enough to interfere with a pacemaker. However, to be on the safe side, you should always avoid holding magnets near a pacemaker.

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    Quantity per pack: 1 magnetic bracket , 1 round magnetic mount
    Colour: Black , Yellow

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