Magnetic silicone handles for crutches

Simplifies the use of crutches
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    • Non-slip, soft grip
    • Magnets in the handles
    • Easy to thread on the handles

    These the crutch handles in silicone give you a soft, non-slip grip while the recessed magnets simplify everyday life with crutches. By being able to put the ends of the crutch handles together, you can quickly free up a hand or can more easily put crutches down.

    The strong magnets hold the crutches together so you can lean them against a chair, wall or shop counter. You can also attach the crutches directly to the car, fridge, freezer or other magnetic objects.

    The magnets are recessed at the ends of the silicone handle. They are strong enough for you to use one crutch to pick up the other crutch if it has fallen to the ground. In addition, the magnets are great for picking up keys, coins and other magnetic items that you have dropped on the ground.

    The silicone handle is delivered rolled up so that you can easily roll them out over the handles of the crutches. The dirt-repellent silicone gives a really good grip and is easy to clean with a little water. The silicone is latex-free and kind to the skin.

    The package also comes with two T-shaped gel pieces that are placed on the crutches' handles before you roll on the silicone handle. The gel pieces provide soft padding against the pressure points in the hand and are comfortable if you use the crutches for a long time.

    The crutch handle is not suitable for use by people with Pacemakers or people under 12 years.

    In the package:
    2 T-shaped gel pieces
    2 rolled-up silicone handles including magnets
    English manual

    Dimensions T-shaped gel piece: 9 cm x 3.5 cm (6 cm widest)
    Sock: 13.5 cm x 4 cm (not extended)

  • Article nr: 13335
    Stock availability: 0
    Manual: English manual
    Material: Silicone
    Quantity per pack: 2 grip handles in silicone, 2 magnets, 2 gel pieces. English manual

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Magnetic silicone handles for crutches Magnetic silicone handles for crutches
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