Signal mirror

Signal with the suns reflection over long distances
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  • • Signal with the suns reflection
    • 16 kilometres range
    • Extremely durable and floats

    Your lifeline in an emergency! With an impressive range of up to 16 kilometres, the emergency mirror sends light signals that are impossible for the eye to miss. Made from durable and unbreakable materials, it is also ready to withstand the forces of nature. Small, lightweight and indispensable when the going gets tough.

    Powerful solar signals

    Lost in dense jungle or stranded after a shipwreck? No problem! The signalling mirror is your new best friend when it comes to making yourself visible in the wild. With its reflective mirror surface, you can signal for help from long distances and increase your chances of being spotted by rescuers or passers-by. Small enough to be used with one hand and easy to attach to your equipment. In short: extra security for your next adventure.

    How to use

    1. Direct the light from the mirror onto the palm of your hand.
    2. Bring the mirror close to your eye and look through the viewing hole at the reflected light in your hand. A point of light (target mark) will appear.
    3. Lower your hand and angle the mirror so that the target mark is facing the target.
    4. Then move the mirror gently back and forth to flash the reflection.


    Weight: 20 g
    Length: 7.6 cm
    Width: 5.1 cm
    Depth: 0.6 cm

  • Article nr: 14150
    Stock availability: 30
    Depth: 0.6 cm
    Length: 7.6 cm
    Width: 5.1 cm
    Weight: 0.020 kg

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Signal with the suns reflection over long distances
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