Seabung Sealing Plugs for Boats, pack of 2

Quickly seals leakage

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    • Quickly seals 19-52 mm holes
    • Repair a seacock from inside the boat
    • Comes in a pack of two

    Seabung is an award-winning and effective sealing plug that quickly helps you repair a leaking valve or seacock from inside the boat. Seabung can seal holes between 19 and 52 millimetres so that you can either repair things where you are, or get back to the marina safely.

    Seabung is an effective tool for emergency repairs and preventive work alike. The most common kind of leakage occurs when you have old, worn or rusty valves and threads in the hull of the boat. With Seabung you can easily check and repair leaky valves before you have an accident. And all this can be done from inside the boat without it having to be taken out of the water.

    Seabung is very easy to use. Push Seabung through the valve and fitting. Once it comes out on the other side of the hull, the soft dome works like a lid, creating a seal from the outside. The water pressure from below helps keep the dome in place and immediately stops any leakage. This gives you time to either repair the leakage right away, or to safely return to the marina if you haven't got the necessary parts with you.

    If you need to return to the marina, use the included foam rubber fixture to keep Seabung in place. The fixture locks Seabung into position by being wedged into the valve. Seabung needs to be locked in place if you are going to move the boat or if the leakage is near the water surface, where the water pressure is not as high.

    Seabung's clever patented design has won several awards, among others first prize in the METS Dame Awards 2014 in the category Marine Equipment, and first prize in Pittman Innovation Awards 2015 in the category Safety.

    Seabung is made in the UK of elastic TPU plastic with a tough core of ABS plastic. These two materials give Seabung its unique combination of strength and flexibility that makes it so easy to use even in cramped spaces.

    The packet includes two different sizes. The smaller dome has a diameter of 6 centimetres and can seal 19-32 millimetre holes. The larger dome has a diameter of 9 centimetres and can seal 25-52 millimetre holes.
  • Article nr: lima-114361
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: Small: 6 cm. Large: 9 cm
    Length: Small: 26 cm. Large: 28 cm
    Material: TPU plastic and ABS plastic
    Quantity per pack: 2 Seabung, 1 cone-shaped fixture

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