Skosh cleaning kit

Time to start cleaning your home in an eco-friendly way!
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    • Starter kit with spray bottle and 2-pack of cleaning tablets
    • 100% non-toxic, vegan and biodegradable cleaner
    • Environmentally friendly - no plastic packaging or unnecessary shipping of water

    These eco-friendly cleaning tablets become an effective cleaning fluid when you dissolve them in water. Together with the included spray bottle, you can get started with your environmentally smart cleaning right away! The cleaner that the Skosh cleaning kit gives is vegan, 100% non-toxic and biodegradable.

    This cleaning kit is a perfect starter kit for those who don't already have a spray bottle at home. It includes two cleaning tablets and a 500 ml spray bottle that's specially designed for use with Skosh tablets. The recommended amount is 1 tablet to every 500 ml of water, but if you want a more concentrated solution, you can dissolve 1 tablet in 400 or 300 ml of water. The tablets are delivered in a small recyclable paper packet.

    When you've used up all the cleaner, reuse the plastic bottle and buy new refill tablets. Because you don't buy new plastic bottles every time, you actively contribute to reducing plastic consumption. The Skosh spray bottle is made of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. You also avoid lugging heavy bottles from the supermarket, which in any case consist mainly of water just like the water you already have at home in your taps.

    This is how easy it is to use Skosh:
    Pour 500 ml of warm tap water into the spray bottle and insert a tablet. After about 5 minutes (or when the tablet is completely dissolved), open the spray nozzle, spray and start cleaning. The cleaner maintains its effectiveness for at least 6 months after you dissolve the tablet in water.

    Skosh cleaning kits are available in three different versions. Select your starter kit according to the area you want to clean:

    Bathroom (500 ml spray bottle + 2 tablets)
    Effectively clean toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers and tiles (porcelain and glazed ceramics).
    Scent: Citrus fresh
    WARNING! Do NOT use on marble, stone or wood.

    Multi-surface (500 ml spray bottle + 2 tablets)
    Perfect for sinks and draining boards (granite, quartz, laminate, Corian and Formica), stainless steel, hobs, fans, and barbecues.
    Scent: Floral
    WARNING! Do NOT use on marble, stone or wood.

    Glass (500 ml spray bottle + 2 tablets)
    Used for mirrors, windows and glass surfaces.
    Scent: Refreshing sea breeze
    WARNING! Do NOT use on marble, stone or wood.

    The tablets' active substances are food-grade citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, anionic surfactants, salts, essential oils and dye. The proportions of each substance vary between the different versions of the tablets to suit the corresponding areas of use.

    The cleaning tablets are not tested on animals. They're non-toxic and therefore should not be used as disinfectant. Keep the tablets out of the reach of children.

    The cleaning kit contains
    500 ml spray bottle
    2 cleaning tablets of your choice

    Note! Refill tablets are sold in 3-packs. If you already have a spray bottle at home that holds at least 500 ml, we recommend that you only buy the tablets.
    You can find the tablets here: Skosh cleaning tablets 3-pack>

    About Skosh

    Students Simon, Max and Tom are the founders behind Skosh. They met during a Master's degree program at Lund University in Sweden, and in November 2019, participated in Lund's largest innovation competition. The goal was to find an idea that reduced plastic waste and plastic consumption around the world.

    The students soon realised that household cleaning products are serious offenders. Not only do the disposable bottles contribute to unnecessary plastic consumption, but the products also take up space and are heavy when shipped. That seems unnecessary when the main ingredient of cleaning products, water, is something we all already have at home in our taps.

    After winning the competition, Simon, Max and Tom have, with the help of Lund University and leading chemists in the cleaning products industry, developed the idea into a finished product. The end result is an environmentally-friendly cleaning fluid that effectively removes everyday dirt while being gentle on the environment.

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    Other: Suggested dose: 1 tablet per 500 ml of water
    Quantity per pack: One 500 ml spray bottle, 2 cleaning tablets
    Volume: 500 ml

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