Solar-powered pool lamp

Floating disco lamp for the pool

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    • Disco lighting for the pool
    • Charged by the sun during the day
    • Illuminates with RGB or warm white light

    With a solar-powered pool lamp, you can make your pool party even more fun! The spinning disco light of the solar pool lamp turns on automatically after dusk and lights up the pool like a spinning disco ball with white light or with red, green and blue light.

    The solar-powered pool lamp is festive for pool parties and evening swims. The light floats, is waterproof and has a built-in twilight sensor that automatically turns on the shimmering disco light in the evening. The light reflects off the prisms inside the rotating lamp, creating a festive disco effect when the light hits the pool walls underwater.

    Solar panel on top

    The solar panel above the water surface charges the built-in battery during the day. Then, when it gets dark, the disco light comes on automatically. Press and hold the On/Off button to turn on the pool light, and press the button again to change between the different colours.

    1 RGB (red, green and blue light)
    2 Red light
    3 Green light
    4 Blue light
    5 Warm white light, 3000K
    Off: Hold for 3 seconds

    Tip: to test whether the light is on or off, you can either hold your hand in front of the solar panel or place the light on a table with the solar panel facing down.

    Care instructions

    To give your battery the best possible start, there are a few things you can do. For the first 36 hours, you can turn the light ON and charge it in the sun. Turn the lamp off when it gets dark outside. Repeat until the lamp has been charging for 36 hours, after which the lamp can always be ON.

    If necessary, the solar panel can be wiped clean of pollen with a damp cloth.

    Diameter: 18.5 cm
    Height: 8 cm
    Weight: 350 grams
    Colour: Warm white, RGB (red, green, blue)
    Lamp type: LED
    Rechargeable battery: 18650 Li-Ion, 3,7V 1500 mAh
    Battery life: about 5 hours.
    Waterproof: IP class IPX5

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    Diameter: 18.5 cm
    Height: 8 cm
    Weight: 0.35 kg

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Solar-powered pool lamp Solar-powered pool lamp

Floating disco lamp for the pool

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