Collapsible dog pool

Durable dog pool for summer fun
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    • Stable & durable dog pool with ribbed interior
    • Choose diameter: 80 cm or 160 cm
    • Travel & storage bag with handle

    The dog pool from Dogman gives your dog a fun place to play and cool off in during hot summer days. The pool is stable & durable and has a ribbed inside that prevents the dog from slipping.

    Dog pool in durable plastic

    The dog pool is easy to unfold and the hard edges keep the pool stable on the ground when filled with water. The durable material resists dog claws and is perfect for mischievous dogs to play in the summer.

    Drain valve on the side of the dog pool

    The easiest way to fill the pool is with a garden hose. Once your dog has finished bathing, you can unscrew the valve on the side to release the water. The pool is packaged in a practical transport bag with a handle.

    Choose dog pool: 80 cm or 160 cm in diameter

    The 80 cm diameter dog pool has 20 cm high edges and holds about 100 litres. The 160 cm diameter dog pool has 30 cm high edges and holds about 600 litres.


    Height: 20 cm / 30 cm
    Diameter: 80 cm / 160 cm
    Volume: 100 litres / 600 litres
  • Article nr: 14082
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: 80cm / 160 cm
    Height: 20cm / 30cm
    Volume: 100 litres/600 litres
    Colour: Blue

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