Innovator: David Lindahl

Soxsaver Sock Holder

Keeps your socks organized
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    • Easy for the whole family to use
    • No need to pair socks after washing
    • Holds up to seven pairs of socks

    Soxsaver makes it incredibly easy to keep the whole family's dirty socks in order. The dirty socks stay paired up from the moment you take them off up until they are dry. Once they are dry, you can easily roll them up and put them away when you've finished doing the laundry.

    The sock holder consists of a long strap with several cord locks that you pull to attach your dirty socks to the holder. The socks are attached in pairs and each Soxsaver holds seven pairs.

    When it's time to wash the socks, simply place the entire holder in the washing machine. The socks can be washed as normal at up to 60°C and you can wash several holders at once along with your other clothes.

    Once the machine has finished washing, you can either hang the socks in the drying cupboard or put them in the tumble dryer. The socks will stay paired up as they are washed and dried so that you needn't waste time pairing them after washing.

    The little hook makes it easy to hang a Soxsaver on the back of the bedroom door, in the bathroom, or in your wardrobe, so that it is close at hand when you take your socks off. Our top tip is to use one Soxsaver for light colors washing and one for dark colors washing to make organizing your socks a bit easier.

    David Lindahl works as an engineer at Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden. One evening, as he was trying to pair up his family's various socks, he started thinking about the fastener on his running coat that had been giving him some trouble earlier that day. That gave him an idea, and after trying several different kinds of fasteners, David finally found the clever solution now known as the Soxsaver sock holder.

    Number per pack: 1 Soxsaver sock holder
    Length: approx. 42 cm
  • Article nr: 13159
    Stock availability: 0
    Length: 42 cm
    Quantity per pack: 1 per pack

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