Innovator: Frederik Bokvist and Lars Thelin

Stuffy nose pacifier Breease, Starter kit

Pacifier for kids with colds
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    • Starter kit with 1 pacifier and 7 filter capsules
    • For children between 6-36 months
    • Developed by Swedish doctors

    Breease® is a Swedish-made pacifier with a breathing passage that allows children to use a pacifier and breathe through the mouth at the same time when they have a cold. The pacifier also has a replaceable air filter that both moisturizes and warms up the inhaled air (as the nose otherwise does) and also filters out harmful particles in the air.

    The Breease pacifier is developed for children between 3-36 months and consists of two parts: a pacifier and a filter. The pacifier has high-tech properties but is at the same time developed to be as simple as possible for parents of small children to use. Clean the pacifier part as usual and screw on the air filter, and the pacifier is ready to use.

    Why Breease?
    When small children have a blocked, stuffy nose, it can be difficult to use a regular pacifier as it blocks the air supply to the mouth. With the Breease pacifier, the baby can breathe through the mouth through the breathing channel that passes through the pacifier. This allows the baby to safely use the pacifier even in the event of nasal congestion. As a bonus, the air filter also removes harmful particles from the inhaled air.

    What is included in the starter kit?
    The starter kit contains a pacifier, seven filter capsules and instructions for use in Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and English.

    About the innovators behind Breease® - Breathe Easy
    Together, intensive care physicians Fredrik Bokvist and Lars Thelin have over 25 years of experience in children's airway anatomy and physiology. When they themselves became parents of small children, the idea for a pacifier with an air duct that could also be used by children with colds was born. Children breathe more through their mouths when they have a cold, and then have problems using a pacifier that impedes airflow at the same time.

    The idea of ​​a replaceable air filter is based on it replacing what the nose does automatically, namely moisturizing and warming the inhaled air. A bonus with the air filter is that it also filters out 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, exhaust fumes, mold and other airborne particles so that the air that the child breathes in through the mouth is clean.

    Together, Fredrik and Lars started the company VivoLab AB and after three years of development, the final product was ready. In 2020, they received the SKAPA award and were named Innovator of the Year at the Swedish Star Gala. Breease has three patents and is protected by design and trademark.

    Before first use
    Remove the filter part from the pacifier and boil only the pacifier part for 5 minutes in a saucepan. Allow the water to cool and squeeze out any water left in the pacifier. When the pacifier has cooled down and dried, screw on the filter part. The pacifier is then ready to use.

    Daily use
    Check that the pacifier part is complete and clean and do a tensile test by pulling hard on the suction part. Also bend the shield and inspect it for damage. Make sure that the filter part fits properly.

    If the pacifier gets dirty during the day, you can rinse it off or boil the pacifier again. Also rinse the pacifier part in connection with changing the filter capsule.

    NOTE! The filter capsule should not be immersed in water, rinsed or boiled. Always remove the filter capsule before cleaning the pacifier.

    Replacing the filter
    The filter capsule should be changed daily. Check that the new capsule is complete and clean. Screw on the filter capsule until it "clicks" and attaches securely. Then try to pull the capsule in different directions as it should not come loose or be able to be pulled loose.

    The filter capsule must be replaced if it becomes wet or dirty so that the filter function is not affected.

    Replacement of pacifier
    For guaranteed function and for hygiene reasons, the pacifier part should be changed every month. The pacifier is 100% recyclable and is to be recycled as plastic packaging.

    Country of manufacture: Sweden
    Pacifier material: Polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).
    Filter capsule material: Polypropylene
    Filter material: The same filter material used in hospitals.

    About the plastic
    All plastics are of Medical grade USP 6. This means that all plastics can be traced and come from an approved and controlled manufacturer. It also ensures that the plastic is guaranteed free of BPA, phthalates and other toxic substances. All parts are 100% recyclable.

    Note that the colour of the pacifier part may vary. This is purely cosmetic and does not affect the function or quality of the pacifier.

    The pacifier and filter capsule are childproof and designed to be able to be swallowed and comply with EU toy directives. Breease is CE-labeled and is also regulated according to the EU's MDR 2017/745 as it is not only considered a pacifier but also as a medical device. The products are class 1 according to the directives.

    The pacifier should only be used together with safety-classified pacifier holders that are intended for the purpose and are tested in accordance with EN 12586.

    The pacifier should not be stored in direct sunlight and in heat. Extreme temperatures can affect the properties of the pacifier. Also avoid all contact with chemicals.
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