Support plate for gas hob

Makes small vessels stand firmly on the gas stove
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    • Stabilizes small pots & coffee makers
    • Perfect for small sauce pans, espresso makers
    • Easy to use

    With a gas stove support plate, you get a sturdy cooking surface on which to place your small pots and pans. With the support plate, your coffee pot, sauce pan and other smaller vessels will stand much more firmly on the gas hob and you won't have to worry about them tipping over or spilling.

    The hollow support plate is placed over one of the gas plates on the burner grate of the gas stove. The flames from the gas stove heat the support plate and travel up through the holes. The cooker quickly heats up and you can cook as usual.

    The support plate is made of galvanized steel. Be aware that it gets hot after use. Allow to cool before cleaning. The support plate should only be washed by hand.

    Dimensions: 12 cm in diameter
    Material: galvanized iron
    Hand wash only
  • Article nr: 13914
    Stock availability: 9
    Diameter: 12 cm
    Material: Galvanised iron
    Quantity per pack: 1 support plate
    Colour: Silver

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Support plate for gas hob Support plate for gas hob
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