Sand free picnic blanket

Sand free beach blanket that are easy to bring along

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    • The sand trickles through the mat
    • Easy to carry with you
    • Patented weaving-technology

    This smart picnic blanket has a unique weaving-technology that allows the sand to fall through the mat. You get a sand free blanket to lie on while sunbathing and will not accidentally bring sand with you home from the beach.

    The beach blanket is comfortable to lie on, and when you are going home you can just roll it up and carry it using the practical handle. By dragging your hand across the blanket before leaving the beach, the last grains of sand will trickle down through the blanket and you won’t bring them home with you.

    The picnic blanket has a patented weaving-technology that allows sand and other small particles to fall through the mat. The double layers with wraparound polyethylene-weave lets the grains of sand fall through while you are sunbathing.

    The picnic blanket is made of a UV-resistant and water repellent material, which means that the sand will not stick to the blanket. Wind can also blow through the layers which helps the blanket to lie still and not fly away as easily, while preventing sand to blow up from underneath the blanket.

    The picnic blankets patented technology is developed for larger mats that are normally used as landing pads for military choppers in the desert. The picnic blanket is a smaller, softer variant of these mats, but uses the same patented and durable weaving-technology.

    The sand free picnic blanket is available in three different sizes.
    Small – for one person: Measurements 1 m x 2 m, Weight 1 kg.
    Medium – for two people: Measurements 1,55 m x 2 m, Weight 1,7 kg.
    Large – for four people: Measurements 2 m x 2 m, Weight 2,2 k

    If the blanket gets dirty, you can clean it by rinsing and brushing it with water. Use a mild soap for the more persistent stains.

    Material: Polyethylene
    Colour: Navy blue

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    Material: Polyethylene

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Sand free picnic blanket Sand free picnic blanket

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