Anti-theft bike label

Internationally traceable anti-theft label
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    • Crime-preventing
    • Gives the bike a unique code
    • Internationally traceable

    SmartDNA's ISR label is a smart anti-theft label that gives your bike a unique identity and, like a fingerprint, connects you to your bike. The anti-theft label makes it easy for the police to find the rightful owner of the bicycle. In addition, anti-theft bicycles are unattractive to thieves, which prevents theft in the first place.

    Double tag
    The ISR label consists of several extremely difficult-to-remove transfers with a unique code and a fluorescent ultra-violet etching fluid that you brush over the transfer.

    Fluorescent label that is visible in UV light
    The fluorescent ultra-violet label is etched into the paint on the bicycle frame and is extremely difficult to remove without affecting the bicycle. The etching liquid is invisible to the eye but is visible when illuminated by UV light.

    The etching also works on most carbon fiber bikes as 95% of all carbon fiber bikes are painted. However, the etching fluid does not work on pure carbon fiber, so on unpainted carbon fiber bikes you will have to rely on the transfer.

    Helps police connect the bike to the owner
    When the police find an ISR-marked bicycle, they can key in the code on the sticker (or scan the qr code) and directly connect the bicycle with the owner. If the transfers are scraped off, the etched code will still be visible on the frame when the bike is illuminated with UV light.

    Internationally traceable
    The SmartDNA ISR label is a Swedish Fire and Safety Certification (SBSC) - certified product recommended by the Swedish police. ISR stands for International Security Register and is an international database that makes your bike traceable internationally. Only the Police have access to your information when scanning the code.

    How to use it
    1. Clean your bike from dust and dirt. Make sure the bike is completely dry.
    2. Paste the transfers according to the instructions for use.
    3. Apply the ultra-violet etching liquid over the perforated holes in the decal. Make sure to brush over both the code and the website address.
    4. Register your code and fill in your information on the website that is in the user manual.
    5. Save your ISR contact card.

    ISR contact card
    You should always save your ISR contact card. You will need it when registering theft, if you sell the bike and if you need to change your information.

    How long does the ISR label last?
    The transfers are attached with an incredibly strong 3M adhesive, providing an almost permanent label. If the hard-to-scrape transfers are presumably still scraped off, they are designed so that they crumble and are impossible for the thief to reuse.

    The fluorescent ultra-violet label is a complement to the transfers and allows the police to read the code even if the transfers have been scraped off. After applying the label, the fluorescent ultra-violet paint lasts for at least 5 years. Thereafter, the paint may decrease in strength.

    After 5 years, you should replace your label to ensure that the code can be read.

    In the package
    2 large transfers: 5.6 cm x 2.4 cm
    1 medium transfer: 5.6 cm x 1.2 cm
    2 small transfers: 2.8 cm x 1.2 cm
    1 warning transfer: 5.6 cm x 2.8 cm
    Ultra-violet liquid
    Application stops
    ISR Contact Card
    Swedish instructions for use

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