Bicycle tool kit

Repair kit with bike tools & puncture patches
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    • Foldable tool kit with 15 bicycle tools
    • Puncture repair kit
    • Durable case with belt loop.

    With a foldable small tool kit, you can make quick repairs and fix small punctures when you're out and about. The small tool kit contains 15 of the most common cycling tools you might need on a bike ride and 6 self-adhesive puncture patches.

    For cyclists of all levels

    The tool kit allows you to unfold the tool you need and unscrew or tighten most parts of a bike. The tool kit contains some of the most common tools and fits several different dimensions of screws and nuts.

    The toolkit can be used by cyclists of all levels and is useful whether you're training on a road bike, riding a mountain bike in the woods or travelling to the shops, work or the beach on a city bike.

    Fixing a puncture with a puncture kit

    In addition to the tool kit, it includes 6 self-adhesive puncture patches and 2 Tyre Irons so you can quickly fix your tyre if you get a puncture. The two tyre irons make it easier to hook and unhook the tyre and the self-adhesive patches allow you to quickly paste over the hole in the tube and fix the puncture.

    Case with belt loop

    The toolkit and puncture patches are delivered in a robust case that closes with Velcro. With the belt loop on the back, you can easily carry the entire toolkit on your belt or attach it to a carabiner on your pack.

    The toolkit for the bike includes

    15 Tools, 2 tyre irons, 6 puncture patches

    Phillips head screwdriver
    Flat screwdriver
    Wrench for different sizes: 8 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm
    Allen keys, fixed: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6
    Allen keys, loose: 3
    Socket wrench with sockets: Size 8, 9, 10
    Tyre iron 2pcs: 10 cm x 1.5 cm
    Punctured repair patches, self-adhesive 6pcs: 2.5 cm in diameter


    Tool kit: 9 cm x 4.3 cm x 2.5 cm
    Case: 12 cm x 9 cm x 3 cm (with the tool kit inside)
    Weight: approx. 270 grams
    Bike pump not included.

  • Article nr: 13943
    Stock availability: 28
    Depth: 3 cm
    Height: 12 cm
    Length: 9 cm
    Other: Bike pump not included
    Width: 9 cm
    Weight: 0.3 kg

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