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Smart reflective aids & rain gear

Explore our range of selected waterproof gear, lights and reflectives so you can stay safe and dry when you're cycling. We have powerful reflective items and lights that are visible in the dark. Perfect for both walks and bike rides! Plus our innovative rain protection keeps you and your possessions dry.

Check out our wide range of waterproof gear and reflectives! Drop by our Stockholm shop or order online!

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Biodegradable Waterproofing Spray
Award-winning waterproofing spray made in Sweden
€ 19.50
Cord wrap for headphones
Christina Valentin, Joanna Schmidt och Maria Bohe
Keeps your cords in place
€ 11
€ 14
Eclipse wearable light clip
Super bright and easily attached with a clip
€ 32.50
Elastic Shoelaces with reflectors
Slide into your shoes without needing to tie them
€ 14.50
Gym bag in reflective fabric
Stay visible on your way home from the gym
€ 25
LED slap band
Glow in the dark LED light and reflective
€ 17.50
Long reflector band
Ann-Sofie Hermansson
Long reflector band for a bag or a leash
€ 19.90
Magnetic Reflector
Easily attached with a strong magnet
€ 6.90
Mini light for your jacket
Light up your jacket, your bag or your dog leash
€ 2
Mittens with Reflex
Warm gloves that make you visibile in traffic
€ 49.80
Rain cover for bicycle saddle
Waterproof saddle cover for your bike
€ 2.40
Rain Cover for Children's Bicycle Seats
Keep your child's seat dry on the bike
€ 9
Rain cover for shoes and trousers
Olle Mattsson
Stay dry on the way to and from work
€ 29.50
Rechargeable LED Armband Slapwrap
Durable reflective armband with LED lights
€ 25.90
Reflective badge
Fashionable reflexes that are visible from a distance
€ 11.50
€ 14.90
Reflective Band for Arms and Legs
Ann-Sofie Hermansson
Highly reflective personal reflector that makes you visible
€ 22.50
Reflective Band for Bags
Ann-Sofie Hermansson
Useful reflector for your bag, backpack or pram
€ 15
Reflective Bands 2 pack
A strong 3M easy-to-wear reflective strap
€ 6.80
Reflective Belt
Ann-Sofie Hermansson
Reflective belt for parties, and every day use
€ 52
Reflective bike stickers
Gorgeous fun prints that glow in the dark
From € 6.90
Reflective Gloves
Warm gloves with CE certified reflectors
€ 62
Reflective Hat
Warm reflective hat made of 100% merino wool
From € 60
Reflective lamp
Ensure you're visible from far away
€ 9.90
Reflective paint roll-on 50 ml
Carina Lind
Reflective roll-on for fabric
€ 15.50
Reflective Rain Cover for Bicycle Basket
Protects against rain and makes you visible in traffic
€ 34.80
Reflective spray permanent transparent
Carina Lind
Reflective spray for bicycles, prams, helmets etc.
From € 17.90
Reflective stickers
Attach reflectors to your things
€ 4.90
Reflective Tassel
Katarina Sjöblom och Carin Ahlberg Giddings
Elegant tassel in soft reflective material
€ 13.90
Reflective Umbrella
Protects you against rain and makes you visible
€ 39.40
Reflective Wrinkled Armband
Ann-Sofie Hermansson
Stylish reflective accessory with stretch elastic
€ 22.50
Shopping bag in reflective fabric
Reflective shopping bag that fits in your pocket
€ 25
Spoke reflectors
Cycle safely in rain and bad weather
€ 9.90
Umbrella with reflective edge
Make yourself visible in traffic, small and handy
€ 11.90
€ 14.50
Waterproof shoe covers
Reusable and portable
€ 14.50
Waterproof Reflective Backpack Cover
Protects against rain and ensures you are visible
From € 14.90