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Frank Rubbish Bin
Frank Rubbish Bin
Frank Rubbish Bin
Frank Rubbish Bin
Frank Rubbish Bin
Frank Rubbish Bin
Frank Rubbish Bin
Frank Rubbish Bin
Frank Rubbish Bin
Frank Rubbish Bin
Frank Rubbish Bin

Frank Rubbish Bin

Compresses your waste up to 70%
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        • Decreases the waste volume with up to 70%
        • Compresses waste, plastic and paper
        • For the kitchen, boat, bathroom, caravan

        The Frank rubbish bin is an incredibly clever bin that compresses your waste so that you can fit more waste into a single bag. The bin is perfect to use at home, in the office, the caravan or on the boat and it can decrease the volume of your recycling or unsorted household waste with up to 70 percent.

        Frank works like a large compressor but comes in a small and handy size. The bin is great for regular household waste, but can also be used for your plastic, paper or cardboard recycling as long as the items fit inside the bin.

        Once you have placed your waste in the bin, close the lid and compress the bin. Then let it remain compressed until you have more waste to put in it.

        By letting the bin squash the waste for a longer period of time, the waste is compressed and you can fit more waste into the bag. That way, you needn't empty the bin or go to the recycling station as often.

        You can use both regular rubbish bags and food waste bags for 6-8 kilos in the bin. If you are using the bin to compress food waste, you may want to place a piece of kitchen roll on top of the waste to avoid spillage on the inside of the lid. Tie the bag before removing it from the bin.

        The practical lid keeps the smell inside and also has a clever locking system that is connected to the compression function. When you open the lid, the compression is released and the bin returns to its original size.

        The Frank rubbish bin is made of recyclable plastic and stainless steel. If you want to clean the bin, you can either rinse it in the sink or wipe it with a damp cloth.

        The patented compression system was developed in Norway alongside waste disposal experts. The bin can hold about 70 kilos of constant pressure when compressed.

        Volume: 11 litres
        Dimensions: 30 cm x 27 cm x 25 cm
        Dimensions when compressed: 20 cm x 27 cm x 25 cm
        Weight: 1.5 kg

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        Frank Rubbish Bin
        Compresses your waste up to 70%
        € 54