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Rock Wedge in the group Technology & Security / Boat Accessories at (12296)
Billy Jacquet
Mountain Wedge
Sleep safely at night with the Mountain Wedge
Rock Wedge
Billy self-locking mountain wedge
Rock Wedge

Rock Wedge

Moor safely even if the wind changes
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Billy Jacquet
  • Self-locking
  • Can withstand load from all directions and angles
  • Anchors into cracks 6-15 mm wide

It's always essential to find a good spot to anchor your boat, but it's not always easy to find a suitable tether that gives you stability and balance. Even if you do find a good spot, sometimes the wind shifts and you need to start all over again.

Enter this new and innovative self-locking rock wedge, a truly clever Swedish invention that lets you securely moor your recreational boat just about anywhere. The wedge's clever construction features a self-locking mechanism that ensures the anchor stays firmly in place from every single direction, even if pulled parallel to the crack itself.

The wedge consists of two parts, a longer and a shorter piece: first, the short wedge is placed into the crack; then the longer wedge is pushed down to firmly clamp and lock it into the crack. You then pull the rope through the shorter wedge's loop and moor it with the loop on the longer wedge. Once loaded, the wedges lock into each other; any force that pulls upon the device, such as from the wind or current, simply ensures that the dual wedges hold together even more tightly.

The twin wedges are made from high quality stainless steel that can support all sorts of recreational boats that can normally moor at cliffs and rock faces. Unlike other rock wedges, this self-locking wedge can withstand all sorts of forces, everything from sudden shifts in wind to jerks and stops from the boat itself.

The rock wedge works with cracks 6 to 15 mm wide.
This self-locking rock wedge has an innovative and patent-pending Swedish design.
Maximum capacity: 10 tonnes

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Moor safely even if the wind changes
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