Innovator: Lucke von Schantz

Bicycle seat and pushchair Påhoj

Bicycle seat that turns into a pushchair
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    • Bicycle seat with 5-point buckle
    • Quickly converts to a pushchair
    • From 9 months to 4 years, 22 kg or 110 cm 

    The Påhoj Bicycle Seat and Pushchair is an award-winning bicycle seat that converts into a pushchair in seconds. With Påhoj, you don't have to choose between a bike and a pushchair, as you have both in the same product.

    Påhoj simplifies life for all parents of young children who love cycling. It makes it easy to pick up and drop off your children at preschool and go on outings. If you stop at the park or shop, you can quickly turn the bike seat into a pushchair for your child to sit in.

    Converts from bike seat to pushchair in seconds
    It's very easy to turn your bike seat into a pushchair. Lift your child out of the bike seat, unfold the rear wheels and click the seat off the bike – your child now has a pushchair to sit in!

    Collapsible design
    Påhoj folds easily for storage and when it’s to be used as a bike seat. The rear wheels fold in and the telescopic stroller handle folds from 104 to 89 cm. When folded, Påhoj takes up almost half as much space as when unfolded.

    The lightweight chassis weighs approximately 6.75 kg. The perforated backrest provides ventilation and counteracts air resistance when cycling with an empty seat. The front wheels can be rotated 360° and have a swivel lock, while the rear wheels have suspension.

    Mounting the Påhoj on the bike
    You can mount the supplied bicycle adapter on a steel (not carbon fibre) bicycle frame. The frame should be between 28 mm and 40 mm in diameter. The bicycle adapter can be mounted on bicycles with a maximum 17 cm wide rack.

    The clever quick-release fastener on the bike adapter allows you to easily attach and remove the seat. Lift your child out of the bike seat before unclipping it.

    Accessories for Påhoj
    Extra bike adapter
    Do you have two bikes? Buy an extra bike adapter and you can easily move the bike seat between two different bikes. Buy an extra bike adapter for Påhoj here->

    Cover for Påhoj
    Buy a fold-out cover to protect against sun and light rain. Here you can buy a cover for the Påhoj->

    About Påhoj
    The idea for Påhoj came about when the parent and industrial designer Lycke von Schantz was doing her degree project at the School of Industrial Design in Lund. Her ingenious solution of combining walking and cycling in a smart way led to requests from other parents around the world.

    Lycke realised that there was a great need and introduced Påhoj to the market. The Malmö-based company quickly became a huge success and has since been awarded several prestigious prizes and awards.

    The Påhoj bike seat and pushchair has been nominated for the 2019 German Design Award and has also won several design awards: the 2019 European Product Design Award, the Eurobike Gold Award & Start Up Award, the Baby Product of the Year Sweden 2020, the 2021 Amazon Innovation Award Winner and the 2021 iF Gold Award.

    High ratings in experts test
    Påhoj received 4.5 out of 5 stars when the Swedish Prisjakt tested the smart bicycle seat and baby carriage, autumn 2022. The bicycle seat was praised, among other things, for its flexibility and that it is easy to change between a baby carriage and a bicycle seat. "Do you cycle a lot and need to bring a child between approx. 9 months - 4 years, and need a simple pushchair at the destination? Then Påhoj is what you are looking for!”

    In the package
    Bicycle seat & pushchair attachment
    Bicycle adapter

    Maximum weight: 22 kg
    Weight: 6.75 kg
    Colour: Black
    Approved bike frames: round steel seat posts between 28 mm and 40 mm in diameter.
    Not to be mounted on carbon fibre frames.
    Safety harness: five points
    From: 9 months
    To: 4 years, 22 kg weight or 110 cm length
    Certifications: child bike seat EN14344, pushchair EN1888

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    Depth: 29 cm/49 cm
    Height: 89 cm/104 cm
    Width: 45 cm
    Weight: 6.75 kg

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