Drawing & writing tablet

Write & draw without wasting paper
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    • Draw, note, draw and write
    • Pen with pen holder on side
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    With a drawing & writing tablet, you can draw and take notes as much as you like without having to waste paper. The large LCD screen can be used as a notepad, shopping list, sketchpad or post-it note. The included pen is always close at hand in the pen holder when you want to draw or need to write something down.

    Large drawing area

    The front has a large drawing and writing area. When you write or draw on the notepad with your pen, the green lines are easy to see against the black background. The thickness of the lines adjusts depending on how hard you press the pen against the pressure-sensitive screen.

    Clear the screen with the touch of a button

    To clear the screen, press the round button on the front. The button erases all the contents of the drawing board and gives you a new blank workspace to take notes on. Much more environmentally friendly than tearing off a piece of paper and throwing it in the bin.

    Lockable screen

    On the side or back of the drawing board (depending on the model) is the slider that locks the front clear button. If you set the slider to LOCK, the screen will not be erased if you accidentally press the clear button. Turning the slider back ON unlocks the ability to erase what you have typed with the button.

    Long battery life

    The drawing board is delivered with 1 replaceable button cell battery that has a long battery life. The display can be cleared up to 50,000 times on one battery. You will know the battery is running low when the screen no longer clears properly when you press the Erase button. NOTE! Make sure the control on the back is ON and not in the locked position.

    Choose size

    The Drawing & Writing Pad is available in two sizes, 10" inch and 13" inch.

    Drawing & writing tablet 10" inch

    Screen size: 10" inch
    Dimensions: 25.5 cm x 16.5 cm x 0.8 cm
    Weight: 190 grams
    Battery: 1 x (replaceable) CR2025 lithium battery.
    Battery life: approx. 50,000 screen scans

    Drawing & writing tablet 13" inch

    Screen size: 13" inch
    Dimensions: 32.5 cm x 23.5 cm x 0.8 cm
    Weight: 270 grams
    Battery: 1 x (replaceable) CR2025 lithium battery.
    Battery life: approx. 50,000 screen scans

    Good to know

    The notepad is not waterproof and should be used in ambient temperatures between 0-40 degrees. Use only the pen provided to write on the drawing & writing pad. The tablet is CE marked.

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    Material: LCD Screen
    Colour: Black
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