Egg painting cord, Eggmazing

Create colourful and unique egg crafts!
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    • Enables unique designs
    • 6 colourful pens included
    • Safe for children from 3 years old

    The eggmazing egg spinner makes it easy to turn ordinary eggs into colourful works of art. The innovative spinning function and the six included pens provide endless opportunities to create unique designs. A helpful accessory for crafty kids and adults who want to explore their creative side. The egg spinner is safe for children aged 3 and over and the included pens are free from harmful dyes and odours.

    Create beautiful Easter crafts

    The Eggmazing Mini takes crafting to a new level with its unique spinning function. Place an egg in the machine, start spinning and let the pen touch the egg. In an instant, colourful patterns begin to take shape. The egg spinner is not only fun but also simple enough for children to use.

    Colourful pens

    With the colours orange, green, yellow, blue, pink and purple, you and your children can create everything from simple striped patterns to detailed artwork. Each pen colour gives the eggs a vibrant, glossy finish that will brighten up any Easter table. It's also a great activity to promote creativity and fine motor skills in children.

    Child-friendly crafts

    The egg roll and accompanying coloured pencils are completely free of dangerous dyes and strong odours, making it a safe way to introduce younger children to crafts. The egg spinner can be used by children from 3 years and up.


    Colour: Green
    Weight: 213 g
    Length: 19.9 cm
    Width: 15 cm
    Height: 4.8 cm
    Battery: 3xAA batteries (not included)
    Number per pack: 1 (6 crayons included)
  • Article nr: lima-514815
    Stock availability: 0
    Height: 4.8 cm
    Length: 19.9 cm
    Other: Battery: 3xAA batteries (not included)
    Quantity per pack: 1 (6 pencil colours included)
    Width: 15 cm
    Colour: Green , Pen colours: Orange, green, yellow, blue, pink and purple.
    Weight: 0.213 kg

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Egg painting cord, Eggmazing Egg painting cord, Eggmazing
Create colourful and unique egg crafts!
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