FiberFix Repair Wrap

100 times stronger than gaffer tape
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Heat Wrap
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    • The ultimate repair tape
    • Strong as steel
    • Hardens with plain water

    When silver tape just isn't enough, let FiberFix take over. FiberFix is a super-hardening tape that is 100 times stronger than regular silver tape. FiberFix can mend just about anything, and once it's hardened it is tough as steel.

    FiberFix can fix tools, hoses, gardening equipment, water pipes, chair legs, and much much more. And FiberFix makes the repair super durable: the tape is waterproof, able to withstand temperatures between -30° C and 150° C, and stands firm against up to 4 bars (60 psi) of pressure in hoses and pipes. The repair tape can be both sanded and painted as needed. The FiberFix repair tape is completely non-toxic but it is recommended to avoid contact with skin, clothing, sensitive tools and other places where you may not want it. Alcohol-based solvents can help with any clean up you may need.

    FiberFix is available as repair tape in various widths as well as repair patches in packs of three. To figure out which type works best for you, a good rule of thumb is to use the tape on objects that you want to wrap whereas the patches are best used on flat surfaces.

    FiberFix Repair Tape is available in two different widths: either 5 cm wide and 127 cm long, or 10 cm wide and 153 cm long. The package includes everything you need to quickly get started: The FiberFix tape, disposable gloves, sandpaper, and some vinyl tape.

    Using the tape is simple: Dip the entire roll in room-temperature water for about 5 seconds. Squeeze out the excess water and immediately start the repair process by applying the tape. As soon as FiberFix has been removed from its airtight packaging, the hardening process will begin. It takes about 10?15 minutes for the tape to completely harden. It is important to note the water temperature as hot water can accelerate the hardening process, sometimes to the point where it will harden before you have fully completed the repairs. On the other hand, using cold water can delay the hardening process for up to 20 minutes. In general, we recommend using room temperature water.

    After having submerged the roll, carefully wrap the tape around the crack/hole/damaged area for a few turns. After 2?3 turns of tape, you can begin to make harder and tighter loops. The repair tape works best when the roll is applied tightly around the damaged area, and it will be at full strength once the tape has completely hardened. Once the entire roll is consumed, you can use the included vinyl tape to further tighten the repaired area to attend to any last details. Leave the vinyl tape stuck for a few minutes, and once about 10?15 have elapsed, the repair process is done!

    FiberFix Heat Wrap can be applied in precisely the same way as the repair tape. The Heat Wrap can withstand temperatures up to 450° C making it the perfect choice for repairs in places that tend to get really hot such as broken exhaust pipes. The hardening time is slightly longer, taking up to 5 hours at 21° C, but the tape will harden faster if the area is heated. For instance, if repairing a broken exhaust pipe, you can start the car so the pipe itself gets warm to speed up the hardening process.

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    Length: Repair patches: 1 pc. 5cm x 20cm, 1pc. 7cm x 7cm, 1pc. 12cm x 12cm. , Repair tape Heat Wrap role: width 5cm and length 177cm , Repair tape roll: width 5cm and length 127cm. Width 10cm and length 153cm

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