Innovator: Robert Kraft, David Griff, Jennie Hagman, Jonas Vernström
Robert Kraft med flera

Fire starting pine cone, 9-pack

Fast and efficient fire starter
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    • Highly effective fire starter
    • Sets big logs in fire immediately
    • Environmentally friendly Swedish production

    The fire starting pine cone is a Swedish made fire starter that can get any kind of fire going in just a few minutes.

    The pine cones and the candle wax are natural bi-products of the Swedish forest and candle manufacturing industry. The pine cones are hand picked and all the seeds are removed in order to plant new trees. These pine cones that would otherwise become waste, are then covered in candle wax from Swan labelled candles that have been misshaped during production. A unique technique is used to coverapproximately 90% of the pine cone's pores in candle wax, making it a highly effective fire ignitor.Theyburn for a long time and at a very high temperature.

    Place a pine cone with the scales facing downward and stabilise it with logs and charcoal. Light the pine cone on fire so that the flames spread upwards and in just a minute or so the fire will spread. No kindling sticks are needed as the logs will catch on fire directly from the pine cone.

    The fire starting pine cone comes in a gift-wrapped set of 9.

  • Article nr: 12468
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    Height: ca 5 cm
    Material: Swedish pine cone, impregnated with Swan-marked (sustainability label) stearin
    Quantity per pack: 9 pine cones for lighting the fire, gift packaged
    Width: about 5cm

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Robert Kraft, David Griff, Jennie Hagman, Jonas Vernström Robert Kraft, David Griff, Jennie Hagman, Jonas Vernström
Fire starting pine cone, 9-pack Fire starting pine cone, 9-pack
Fast and efficient fire starter
17 €
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