Stove fan

Silent fan heater with efficient heat dispersion
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    • Efficient heat dispersion
    • Silent, driven by stove heat
    • Air flow rate: 425 m³/hour

    The Sunwind Neat 864 is a heat-driven stove fan that helps to spread the warm air from the stove to the rest of the room. The powerful stove fan is silent and powered only by the heat generated by the stove.

    Energy-efficient fan heater reduces fuel consumption

    The stove fan's efficient heat dispersion helps reduce your fuel consumption and provides a more even heat throughout the room. For best effect, place the stove fan as far back on the stove as possible. This provides optimal conditions for energy-efficient heating and even heat distribution.

    Starts automatically at 65 °C degrees

    With the stove fan, you get even and comfortable heat circulation without having to do anything. The fan heater starts automatically at 65°C and has an air flow of 425 m³/hour.

    Withstands heat up to 345 °C degrees

    Maximum working temperature is 345 °C degrees. It is recommended to use a thermometer to ensure that the temperature does not exceed the maximum working temperature. If the temperature above the stove exceeds 345 °C, move or remove the stove fan from the stove. As an extra safety measure, the stove fan has an integrated metal strap that lifts up the bottom of the stove fan in case it gets too hot.

    Good to know about the stove fan

    The stove fan gets very hot when in use. Keep the heater away from children and allow it to cool down after use if you need to move it.

    Sunwind Neat 864 works on most stoves, but is not optimal for use on soapstone stoves.Do you have a soapstone stove? Then use a Soapstone stove fan instead.

    Height: 23 cm
    Width: 18 cm
    Depth: 11 cm
    Airflow: 425 m³/hour
    Working temperature: 65 °C to (max) 345 °C
    Cannot be used in temperatures above 345 °C
  • Article nr: 13962
    Stock availability: 6
    Height: 23 cm
    Width: 18 cm
    Weight: 1,4 kg

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