Innovator: Sara Hägglund

Football sock "Antisore"

With a shin protector pocket
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    • Prevents scrapes and abrasions
    • Holds shin guards in place
    • More comfortable!


    Do you play football? Or do you know someone who plays and constantly gets abrasions, eczema or fungus on their leg when the shin guard is directly against the skin? Then you should pay attention! This "Antisore" football sock is a comfortable and clever sock made for every abrasion, wound or other problems caused by the well-used shin protectors. This sock is double knit and gives a nice cotton feel closest to the skin instead of the abrasive friction of shin protectors directly against your leg, as well as reduces the risk of irritation and scabs. The perfect football sock for the athlete in your life.

    Place the shin guard between the layers of cloth, the inner layer breathes and pulls moisture away from your skin, which is good for both comfort and protection.

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