Magisso ceramic wine cooler

Keeps your wine and bubbly chilled for hours

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    • Cools with cold water
    • Keeps cold for hours
    • Gets cold in a minute

    With a wine cooler from Finland’s Magisso, you can keep a bottle of wine or bubbly chilled for hours with just a bit of cold water. The ceramic walls absorb cold running water, so you don’t need to use ice or electricity to chill bottles.

    A ceramic wine cooler is perfect for when you want to chill red wine that’s a bit too warm or for keeping white, rosé and bubble cold for a longer time. You don’t need to have ice prepared in the freezer, just hold the wine cooler under cold running water and it will stay cold for hours.

    Rinse the wine cooler under cold running water for about 60 seconds so that the ceramic absorbs the cold water. The cold water will then slowly evaporate from the ceramic walls and continuously cool a bottle for a long time. Once all the water has evaporated from the ceramic walls, you can hold the wine cooler under cold running water again to easily cool it down.

    Award-winning wine cooler
    The Magisso ceramic wine cooler has won the Red Dot Design Award, Global Innovation Award and the Good design Award and has been nominated for the Finnish design prize Fennie Prize.

    Height: 20.5 cm
    Diameter: 12.5 cm
    Bottom diameter: 11 cm
    Inner diameter: approx. 9.5 cm
    Weight: approx. 1 kg
    Material: Ceramic
    Colour: Matt black
    Care: Hand wash
    Designer: Simon Stevens
    The small rubber plate at the bottom of the wine cooler protects the bottle from shocks.

  • Article nr: 13823
    Stock availability: 88
    Diameter: 12.5 cm
    Height: 20.5 cm

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Magisso ceramic wine cooler Magisso ceramic wine cooler

Keeps your wine and bubbly chilled for hours

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