Cord for mobile phones with case

Mobile cord for your existing phone case
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    • Mobile cord for your existing case
    • Wear your phone around your neck
    • Smart when you don't have pockets

    With the Richmond Finch mobile band, you don't need to buy a new phone case with a cord, but can easily complement your existing case with a cord that fits any phone with a case. The mobile phone strap allows you to carry your mobile phone with a case neatly and securely around your neck or slung over your shoulder. The mobile phone strap is a stylish accessory for your mobile phone and is smart to use when you have your phone with you but don't have access to pockets or a bag.

    The mobile strap consists of a super-thin attachment plate that you place on the case under your phone, and a mobile cord with a carabiner. The mobile strap fits all phones with a case and the carabiner makes it easy to attach and detach the mobile strap whenever you want. Of course, you can charge your phone while using the mobile strap.

    Wear your phone around your neck or over your shoulder

    The adjustable mobile phone strap is comfortable to wear around the neck or slung over the shoulder. The mobile phone strap is not completely blunt, but has a little bit of punch in the cord before it stops. The maximum length of the mobile strap is about 80 cm. The length can be easily adjusted with the cord stop on the strap.

    Safest to use with closed shells

    The mobile band is best used on "closed" cases that only have small holes in front of the charging socket, but can also be used on mobiles that are "open" at the bottom. Please note that the attachment plate may slip out of open cases under repeated stress.

    How to attach the mobile phone strap to the case

    Take the phone out of the case and place the rectangular attachment plate in the phone case. Poke the small flap through the hole in the case where you usually insert the charger. Put the phone back in and hook the carabiner into the flap.

    On open cases, you don't need to poke the tab of the attachment plate through the charging hole of the case, just make sure the tab sticks out from under the phone and then hook the carabiner into the tab. 

    Swedish designed mobile band

    The handset is designed and produced by the Swedish brand Richmond Finch. The band is made of high quality nylon. The fine metal details are made of zinc alloy.

    Length of mobile phone strap: max 80 cm (total 160 cm).
    Attachment plate: 5.6 cm x 3.8 cm x 0.5 mm
    Diameter of necklace: 0.5 cm in diameter
    Weight: 36 grams
    Opening snap hook: 0.6 cm
    Material: nylon, zinc alloy

  • Article nr: 13907
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: 0,5 cm
    Length: 80 cm
    Material: Nylon, metal (zinc alloy)
    Colour: Black , Gold
    Weight: 0,04 kg

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