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Calls & sends map position to your emergency contacts
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Carbine hook
Carbine hook
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    • Sends your map location by SMS
    • Rings your emergency contacts
    • Replaceable battery with 4 years battery life

    The Plegium assault button is a Swedish-made miniature security alarm that you can always have with you. If you activate the assault button, a silent alarm with your map position is sent to your emergency contacts who also receive a phone call. The silent alarm button allows you to make contact, get support and feel safer in unsafe situations more quickly.

    Emergency calls & SMS with your location

    The assault button is an easy way to contact your family if you feel unsafe. If you find yourself in an anxious situation, you can quickly get in touch with your emergency contacts by holding down the two buttons on the side of the assault button. Your emergency contacts will immediately receive an automatic phone call. If they answer, the call is forwarded to ring your mobile. Your emergency contacts also receive a text message with your map location and can see where you were when you triggered the alarm.

    Small and Convenient

    The small assault button is only 2.5 cm in diameter and weighs only about 10 grams. It's easy to take anywhere and can be attached to clothes, bags or the key ring.

    Easy to use

    The assault button is very easy to use for adults, children and the elderly. Your emergency contacts don't need to have the app downloaded to receive calls or texts with your map location. The accompanying app is free and there are no monthly charges. Plegium also covers the cost of all emergency calls and text messages triggered by the assault button.

    How to get started with the assault button

    1. Download the Plegium app (free) from the App Store or Google Play.
    2. Pair your attack button (via the app) with Bluetooth to your mobile.
    3. Enter the 4-digit code on the back of your attack button.
    4. Add up to 5 emergency contacts that you want to receive your map location and phone calls if you activate the alarm.
    5. Done! The panic button is now ready to use.

    How do I activate the alarm button?

    To sound the alarm, press and hold the two buttons on the side of the alarm button for 2 seconds. Your registered emergency contacts will immediately receive a phone call and an SMS message. The SMS message will state that you have activated the alarm and will also give the recipient your GPS coordinates and a link to your map location on Google Maps.

    Good to know

    For you to be able to alert with the hold-up button, Bluetooth must be turned on on your phone and you need to have your phone with you.

    Up to 4 years of battery life

    The hold-up button is supplied with 1 CR2032 battery. Please remove the plastic cover for the battery before attempting to connect the assault button to your phone. The battery is replaceable.

    Made in Sweden, patented design

    The Plegium Smart Emergency Button is manufactured in Sweden and has a patented design.
    The product is CE and FCC marked.


    Dimensions assault button

    Diameter: 2,5 cm
    Height: 3 cmDepth: 1 cm
    Weight: 7 grams

    Attack button carabiner

    The hold-up button is supplied with a handy little carabiner. You can attach the carabiner to your key ring, trousers or jacket.

    Dimensions Carbine hook

    Length: 3,5 cm
    Width: 1,7 cm
    Opening: 0,5 cm
    Weight: 4 grams

  • Article nr: 13967
    Stock availability: 0
    Battery time: approx. 4 years
    Depth: 1 cm
    Diameter: 2,5 cm
    Height: 3 cm
    Colour: White
    Weight: 0,01 kg , 0,03 kg

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