Pedal trainer

Small exercise bike for fitness, exercise and rehab
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    • Cycle at home and in the office
    • For training, exercise & rehab
    • Easily folded.

    The Vitility pedal trainer is a small folding exercise bike that allows you to cycle at home and at work. With the pedal trainer, you can work on your fitness, maintain blood circulation and increase muscle strength in your legs while sitting down to work or watch TV.

    Cycle at home on the sofa

    The pedal trainer is great for any time that you sit still for long periods of time. Whether at home on the sofa watching films and series, at your desk at work, at the kitchen table or reading on the balcony, pedalling increases blood circulation in the lower body and trains the legs.

    You'll also get some cardio exercise as pedalling gets your heart rate up and increases your circulation.

    Exercise bike for the elderly

    Pedal trainers can be used by everyone and are also great for older people and for rehabilitation. The pedal trainer provides good exercise and helps to train coordination and maintain mobility in the legs and lower body.

    Pedal trainer with adjustable resistance

    The resistance of the pedals is adjusted with the rotating knob on top of the rack. Turning the knob in increases the resistance and turning the knob out decreases the resistance.

    Folding exercise bike

    The small pedal trainer is easy to fold and takes up little space when you want to stow the bike away. Press the silver locking buttons on the legs to fold the legs in.

    Arm bike for rehab

    The pedal trainer can also be used as an arm bike for rehab, coordination training and upper body strength training. Set up the pedal trainer on a table at a suitable height, set the resistance with the steering wheel and cycle with your hands.


    Materials: Black and white metal frame, plastic pedals, rubberised feet.
    Width: 38.6 cm.
    Depth 45.5 cm.
    Height: 26 cm.
    Minimum possible height for pedals (highest point): 38.5 cm.
    Weight: 2 kg.

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    Depth: 45.5 cm
    Height: 26 cm
    Material: Metal, Plastic
    Width: 38.6 cm
    Colour: Black , White
    Weight: 2 kg

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