Massage hook

Massage your own back

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    • For those hard-to-reach spots on your back
    • Enhances blood circulation
    • Decide for yourself how hard you want the massage to be

    The massage hook is a smart tool that lets you reach around and massage your back, your shoulders, and the areas around your shoulder blades. With the long handle you can reach spots in the middle of your back, and the small massaging ball at the tip can either be rolled over your muscles, held against trigger points, or used for deep massaging muscle knots.

    The massage hook is sturdy and has a grip-friendly handle that feels good to hold. The massage ball rolls easily over your back, and you decide for yourself how hard the massage should be.

    The massage hook is very useful when you want to ease muscle pain and tensions from your back, which often builds up from sitting down too much, having a bad working position, static strain, or monotone work steps. By massaging the muscles and raising the blood circulation, you can relieve tensions and aches in your back while raising flexibility in the whole body.

    Hold the massage hook with one hand and massage your back on the opposite side from the hand that holds the hook. By doing that, you will not use the muscles you are massaging. So, if you are about to massage the right side of your back, you should hold the massage hook in your left hand, and vice versa.

    Measurements: 41 x 24 centimeters
    Material: Iron and TPR

  • Article nr: 13765
    Stock availability: 27
    Length: 41 cm
    Material: Iron, TPR
    Width: 24 cm
    Weight: 0,25 kg

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