Purifying water bottle

Purifies water from taps and watercourses
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    • Purifies up to 1000 litres of water
    • Takes up a small space in your baggage
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    With a purifying water bottle you always have access to clean drinking water when exploring nature or cities. The water bottle is easy to use and the filter purifies water from springs, streams, watercourses and taps.

    The bottle is foldable and easy to fit in pockets, baggage or your hiking backpack. The water bottle is practical to have at home in case the tap water becomes undrinkable. The filter can purify about 1000 litres of water and filters out bacteria and water organisms.

    The water bottle comes in two sizes: 0.6 litres and 1 litres. The smaller bottle is perfect to use as a water bottle to drink from during hikes or when running. The bigger bottle can also be used to drink from, or be hung up in a branch for easy access.

    In nature you find the cleanest water in clear streams. Use the water under the surface away from the shore. Try to avoid still water and unclear water.

    Unscrew the filter, fill the bottle and screw back the filter. The water purifies when it runs through the filter, so when the water runs from the spout it's purified and ready to be consumed.

    The filter is a so called "Hollow Fibre Filter" which is made up of long small pipes with tiny holes. The filter removes bacteria and small particles meanwhile the flow rate is high. The filter purifies with a precision of 0.1 microns, which reduces protozoans (living water organisms) by 99.9% and bacteria by 99.9999%..

    If the filter gets dirty and clogged you can clean it by filling the bottle with water and shaking it with force. You can also unscrew the filter and "swish" it back and forth under water until the dirt is removed. NOTE! Filter should never be rinsed horizontally under taps. Doing so may destroy the filter.

    0.6 litres:
    Height:7 cm
    Length:23.2 cm
    Width:7 cm
    Weight:65 grams
    Purifies: 2 litres /minute

    1 litres:
    Height: 6,5 cm
    Length: 30 cm
    Width: 15 cm
    Weight:100 grams
    Purifies: 2 litres /minute

    The water purifying water bottle was the winner of the Backpacker Editors' Choice Award 2017
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    Material: TPE plastic free from BPA and PVC
    Volume: Choose between water bottles holding 0,6 litre or 1 litre , Choose between water bottles holding 0.6 litre or 3 litres

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