Thermos bottle with water purification filter LARQ

Filters out heavy metals, pollutants & particles
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    • Filters out impurities & particles
    • Termos bottle with straw
    • Keeps water cold for up to 24 hours

    The LARQ Thermos Bottle with Water Purification Filter provides you with a portable water filtration system that removes contaminants, heavy metals and particles from your drinking water. The thermos has a straw and double insulated stainless steel walls that keep your drinking water cold for up to 24 hours.

    The LARQ Thermos is a smart water bottle to take with you on excursions and hikes in nature, travel and city walks. The water purification filter cleans the water from impurities, small particles and heavy metals and you can be sure that the water from water fountains, streams and other drinking water sources is safe to drink.

    OBS! The water purification filter does not clean the water from bacteria and viruses. For purification of bacteria and viruses, see the product Thermos bottle with UV purification from LARQ .

    How the thermos bottle works

    The LARQ water bottle has a straw connected to the water purification filter inside the bottle. Fill the bottle with cold or room-temperature water. Screw on the cap, push up the straw and drink from the water bottle. The filter removes harmful impurities and provides cleaner, better-tasting water when you drink from the straw.

    Insulating materials

    The double insulating stainless steel walls keep water cold for up to 24 hours. The water bottle features an award-winning design and the luxurious eco-friendly powder coat finish provides a subtle texture for a better grip. The outside of the thermos also features a silicone-covered carabiner, making the bottle easier to take with you.

    Replaceable filter

    The thermos comes with 1 replaceable purification filter. The water purification filter can filter up to approx. 150 litres of water, which corresponds to the consumption of approx. 300 standard disposable plastic bottles. Soak the filter for about 2 minutes before drinking from the bottle.

    After you have purified 150 litres of water, or after two months of use, replace the filter. You can buy more water purification filters here.

    Tested by independent laboratory

    LARQ Bottle Filtered is tested by independent laboratories and is approved to NSF/ANSI 42, 53 & 401 standards.

    In the package
    LARQ thermos bottle
    1st Nano Zero Filter
    Silicone coated carabiner
    Quick start guide.

    Volume: 500 ml / 740 ml
    Weight: 440 grams / 550 grams
    Height: 25.3 cm / 27.6 cm
    Diameter: 7 cm / 7.8 cm
    Material: stainless steel.
    Filter technology: Nano Zero & Zerovalent iron
    Filter capacity: 2 months or 150 litres of water
    Compatible with PureVis™ lid:The thermos bottle is compatible with the LARQ PureVis™ lid with UV-C water purification.

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    Diameter: 7 cm / 7,8 cm
    Height: 25,3 cm / 27,6 cm
    Material: Stainless steel
    Volume: 500 ml / 740 ml
    Weight: 0,44 kg / 0,55 kg

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